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The amount of information around alternative health, thought and diet playing a major part in the state of our health, is too much to be ignored.

If you suffer from an ailment , has traditional medicine eased or even cured your condition, or is it something you continue to live with?

The state of our health as a nation is less than good.... there is diabetes, obesity, heart disease and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

The causes of these health conditions for the majority are all self made through poor lifestyle choices.



I don't think there is enough emphasis on diet when it comes to our health. Fast foods are the obvious culprits but what else are we consuming that is actually causing a mile long list of conditions!

The supermarkets are the biggest failure to the consumers. The list of food stuffs that are literally killing us with conditions such as heart disease and cancer is staggering , the list is endless but here are a few examples......

processed meats ~ cured bacon, sausages, lunch meat, hotdogs.                                microwave popcorn

Refined sugar ~ sweets , corn syrup, cookies, pies, cereals, sauces , pop                   hydrogenated oils ~ margarine, baked foods, fried foods

Farmed salmon ~                                                                                    conventional fruits ~ non organic ~ apples, grapes, strawberries

Refined white flours ~                                                                           

Diet food beverages ~ Traditional pop


So let's look at the beef burger, it tastes delicious right, so what's the harm! The problem with most meats are that they are added with all kinds of rubbish.

They have PINK SLIME/AMMONIA which is used to kill bacteria in the meat and is used as a low cost bulker. It is high in TRANS FAT, which is known to raise cholesterol levels. Most fast food burgers contain very little meat and instead contain mainly water, connective tissue, bone, cartilage and nerve tissue.... yum!

Burgers at dine-in food chains can contain as much as 3000/4000 milligrams of sodium , when the fda recommends 1,500 for the entire day.

This does not mean that we have to avoid the tasty burger but being aware of the choices we make when buying the meat. It's always safer to buy from a trusted butcher.... grass fed meat if possible and make your own at home burgers instead!



Various studies show that a mediterranean diet holds the key to overall good health. Whilst we do not have to become super strict and completely overhaul the diet. What can be easier is simply buying good quality where you can, such as organic fruit and veg, grass fed meat, fine oils.... like olive, sesame oil, wholemeal flour and bread, filtered water, nuts, pulses  legumes and wild salmon.

All of these choices will have an impact on your health, maybe not today but most certainly in the future. A wealth of benefits you may see in as little as a few weeks are more energy and focus with an improved mood. 

For a great number of people, good nutrition will be enough to keep them in good health..... especially if other areas of their lives are "healthy"..... such as the mindset, relationships, career, finances are all balanced. 

THOUGHTS ~ law of attraction

It has been scientifically proven that the thoughts we think can have an impact on our health and even our reality........

VISUALISATION ~ THE RECREATION OF IMAGES, SOUNDS & FEELINGS IN THE MIND. A study conducted by psychologist Alan Richardson , proved that visualisation alone made basketball players throw better than those who physically practised. By seeing, feeling and hearing the act of throwing, only in the mind of these players, did they perform better than any other .

The mind is more powerful than the majority are even aware of. They go about their lives feeling stressed, anxious and defeated or disappointed with their health, relationships or careers and are completely oblivious to the power within themselves. It is the LAW OF ATTRACTION that responds to the energy we are putting out there.

If we are worried about money and a focus is constantly put on this lack, then the lack is what you are telling the universe you want! If you focus on being successful and the feelings of enough money would bring you.... then you are putting out abundance to the universe.

This is not a new philosophy but dates back hundreds of years. The principles were first written in a book by  Helena Blavatsky in 1877. 



Thoughts have also been proved to work medical miracles by using visualisation. An american man was knocked off his push bike and as a result, shattered several vertebrae of his spine. After being told that he would never walk again, he checked out of the hospital.
Over a six week period, he began to visualise these vertebrae reforming, one at a time. He subsequently was not confined to a wheelchair but was healed through the process of his thoughts.
The powers of the mind are something that should be taught in every school and hospital worldwide. Stress and anxiety are causing millions to suffer when they need not be.
Stress accounts for numerous illness and life threatening diseases because there is no emphasis on the inner world. Stress produces cortisol in the system.... the fight or flight response. Being in a fight or flight state means that other systems within the body are neglected as all focus is on staying alive..... done over a long period can have an impact on our health, such as the immune system because these areas are being neglected.
Stress in hard wired in to us and was life saving when we were fighting wild animals thousands of years ago, today, there are other stressors.... such as relationships, work, finance worries etc. So how can we break the habit of reacting! Learning techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and exercise are healthy ways of calming the mind. Finding balance in our lives is also a great way of keeping more inner harmony. Less reactive and more centred response will reduce stress from taking over and causing destruction  .

The month of October, I have set myself a challenge to put in to practice all of the above, over a 90 day period. Meditation and yoga were part of my lifestyle but ive let it slip a little, plus my diet could be better.

So, I will be eating fresh, organic produce, drinking more water, meditating and yoga daily. Im expecting to feel fabulous, as i have done this before, the challenge for me is maintaining it...... to be fair, I do like a tipple or three at the weekends , so being t total may cause a few tears. 

Maybe you can take on this challenge also. Eat fresh foods and less junk or processed food stuffs and try meditation and yoga or walking in nature. Id be really interested to hear your feedback..... go on... do it!

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