When a stranger helps out

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Day 11

Today is a shout out to everyone that has shown kindness to me when I have been stuck physically, mentally and emotionally.

Last night I needed physical help.

I try not to go shopping after work on Fridays unless it is absolutely essential. The reason is simple. I am tired after a week of work and I love to get home, take off my work clothes and start the weekend on Friday night.

Well, you have guessed it- last night was Friday but it was the first day of the sales! I had to go to pick up some essentials!


Sunset comes early where I live so I had the lights on the car as I drove into park. I was feeling very proud of myself getting a park so close to the mall so I wouldn't have far too walk.

With a self-satisfied smile on my face I made sure that I had locked the door and then set off jauntily ready for a little spending spree.

It was quite dark when I returned but the overhead lights were throwing plenty of light over the car as I popped the few bags onto the backseat. 

I could hear it.....even before I tried to turn the key the second time. That 'clunk' one gets when the battery is dead and there is nothing that can be done to revive it short of giving it a bolt of lightning. undefined

I had forgotten to turn off the lights!!!!

There were 3 choices that immediately came to mind. The first was to lock the car and walk home and then come back tomorrow- obviously that wasn't an option because I wasn't dressed for walking 5 kilometres in the dark. The second was to call a taxi and leave the car until tomorrow but I wasn't sure that the carpark would be safe overnight. And the third was to call for help-except everyone was at work until 9pm.

There I was fumbling around, trying to decide what to do- so that I would endure the least amount of embarrassment trying to explain that I had left the lights on and drained the battery. Feeling quite the fool for spending in a sale and not having the common sense to check the basics- turn off the lights! 

Then the driver from the Toyota in the next park knocked politely on the window of the car and asked,

'Do you need a jump-start for the battery?"

'Yes, please. Thank you!"

The words tumbled out without hesitation- all I could think about was she would save me from having to explain myself to the family. 

Within minutes, with the help of a battery charger I was happily on my way home, albeit I took the long way undefinedto make sure I had enough juice when I stopped at the traffic lights.

The stranger didn't want any repayment for the kindness but to pay forward, as she put it, to the next person I may meet in need.

Human beings are kind and caring and I am grateful for this kindness which was an answer to my need.

Today I have bought a battery charger which is charging up as I write.

I want to be prepared so that next time I am a bit full of myself, and leave the lights on in the car, I can kick start my car battery myself OR....I can help someone else who has inadvertently left their lights on in the supermarket car park.undefined

What kindness are you grateful for? 

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