Who do I worship?

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  Do I worship and if so who?

  I’ve read books from many masters and teachers worthy to worship. I’ve attended workshops online with incredible role models and leaders who not only teach us how to live our lives empowered and rich, but who are incredible role-models living it that way and filling every day with passion and zest out of pure joy.  I’ve traveled the world to spend time with and learn from enlightened Gurus and avatars. 

  I’ve walked the fire with Tony. I’ve met my spirits with Mark. I’ve promised Lisa to show up in the world.  I’ve erased my past with Christie Marie. I’ve reset my neuro brain with John. I’ve found incredible spiritual depth with Michael. I’ve been inspired to take action by Marianne. I’ve practiced blindfold reading for hours and initiated into powers by Swami Paramahamsa. I’ve cried of joy listening to Osho. I’ve chanted the nights away with Deva and Miten.  I’ve tested my DNA for breatharian lifestyle with Jasmuheen. The list goes on and on.

I bow to you!


  I’ve found my tribe in the people I’ve met from different corners of the world, from different walks of life, with different cultural and social backgrounds but with the one common ground of either knowing we are one or with a deep desire to feel we are. With the one common understanding what I do to you, I do to me!

  Yes I’ve found my tribe and I have found myself and with a relentless hunger for more the expansion of me continues. The more I learn the more I realize how little I know and I love the unfolding of my being.

  So who do I ultimately WORSHIP?  Who is worthy of my undivided love and devotion? Who’s given me more, taught me more, filled me more, opened me more?

  Me… the one I worship is in me, the force in me, the source in me, the core of my being which is unconditional love, endless joy, compassion, and ultimate wellbeing accessible as a river flow to all.  The stream of life within me is who I ultimately worship!

 Much love



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