Whose Life Is This Anyway?

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You were conditioned right from the start! For nine months you felt, heard, absorbed, and relied on someone else. Your senses became preconceived to being a certain way at your most vulnerable time, your reproduction cycle.

No other time are we so directly influenced than during this period. Sensing our mother's thoughts, feelings, emotions, and chemicals, forming our perception of the world as that of your own.

Imagine a being from another planet landing in a womb, and this is all that they experienced for the first nine months. Their only contact through what they heard, felt and touched. Then for the next eight years or so, a father, brothers, sisters, school, friends, teachers, and religion, adding to that experience.

Remember, you don't know anything about Earth. Your only guide comes from those around you. Do you think that perhaps your views, beliefs, and ideas might be somewhat tainted into believing THIS is how life is on Earth?

Is it possible?

Do you think it's possible that perhaps who you believe you are could be a direct copy of some if not all these people? A copied idea of what life is about, from other's who went through the same thing?

Could it be possible?

But here's the question.


Did you come here to live someone else's idea of life? Continue the cycle of survival, trudging around in a stressed manner, doing what you believe you need to, in order to survive? Or did you come here to Live!

You came here to shine!

You came here to express the very core of your nature! Expanding endlessly and experiencing every bit of life you possibly can! You came here to love, serve and to cherish your experiences on Earth. You came here to express yourself through whatever means is most valuable to you.


You definitely didn't come here to cower, hide, second guess, philosophize, doubt, fear, and stress through life. Did you? Of course not, otherwise you would not have dreams and aspirations, would you?

I spent decades in turmoil, lost, frightened, highly anxious, and completely out of control. I didn't know why, only that I was. During my journey, I discovered that my mother suffered from anxiety and emotional turmoil. My father had addictive qualities, along with other things. During this personal journey of fear, anxiety and emotional turmoil, I made it through to the other side. I discovered what was mine and what wasn't. I saw and felt the qualities that I came here with, before the conditioning. I discovered who I am, and what I love.

We can continue as we are, but here's the thing. Nothing will happen. Nothing! Unless we choose from the very depths of our being to shift and change. A choice that can lead to our discovery of who we truly are, and what we want to express here on Earth.

The time is Now. Not tomorrow or "let's see how things go!" Now! Because life doesn't wait, and the chances are that if you keep going the way you have been, then nothing will change.

You can continue recycling outdated beliefs and emotions that are not yours, or decide to free yourself and awaken to who you truly are, and live life from that space!


What will it be?

The universe is waiting.

Who knows, this time next year, you could be soaring.

- Sotir Ivanovski


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