Why a morning routine is important for success - And how to easily create your own one

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Benefits of a Morning Routine

A fixed morning routine sets you up for a productive day, and lets you effortlessly keep up good habits.

If you're anything like me, you can't be bothered to do things you know you should do consistently - Meditation, Exercise, healthy eating, planning your day...     Doing all this as a routine every morning makes that stuff EASY.

How you start off in the morning really makes a difference to how your day will look.


What to do as your Morning Routine

To be honest, most of us know how to life a healthy life, be fit and what habits are good for us and which ones are bad.

The problem is just the application, actually doing it!

If you make it into a habit, it will become normal and easy for you. Take brushing your teeth. Because you do it every morning, you don't even have to think about it!

So, just take those things you know you should do, or you would like to do. Some examples:

Cold showers
A Healthy Breakfast

Planning your Day

This makes it easy for you to work on projects, instead of procrastinating.

I define one big project I start working on immediately after the routine, and two minor projects that I need to progress in. I also write down, which people I need to reach out to today. I plan my day and think it through with a printed one-page planner sheet.

Ask yourself: What will make you happy today? What will make you feel fulfilled? These are your main priorities for the day.

How to easily build the Habit

Start out by just doing the routine, even if you just to one minute of it. If your goal is to run 3km, run for 3 minutes on your first day. If you want to meditate for 10 minutes, start out with one minute. This makes it easier on yourself to actually do it, and helps you build the habit. Once its automated, you will find it easier to fully complete your routine

A Key point is Awareness. When you feel the urge to not do the routine, become aware and analyze the reason, and then proceed to at least do one minute of it.

Each day you do the thing, it becomes a little easier. After 2 months of consistency, It takes very little willpower to do it. Studies show it can take anywhere from 18-200 Days to fully form a new Habit.

I also recommend educating yourself in Habit Building. You can find great content on YouTube that can really transform you.


Your next steps

Get a piece of paper and brainstorm what your morning routine could look like, and start implementing it tomorrow! Its important that you don't miss a day in your first couple of weeks, even if you just show up for a few minutes.

Once you find out through trial and error what makes a good morning, write down exactly how your ideal morning routine should look like, and then put that paper somewhere where you look at it every day, like next to your bathroom mirror.

How a morning routine helped me

This is not only because of the routine, it has just helped me make these changes to my life easily.

  • Strong, fit body with high endurance
  • I need less sleep
  • I am more focused during the day
  • I rarely procrastinate
  • I keep track of my goals and make fast progress
  • I am currently building my own online business

The last point is thanks to the my mentors at SFM, who created a system where anybody who is focused on success can grow their own online business through affiliate marketing. 

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