Why? How? What? How the Wright Brothers where the first to take flight

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Why? How? What?  That is the question.  Not a question but a true verifiable fact one must always start with the why.  The why we do anything in life is the quintessential truth.  What does this have to do with the Wright Brothers?

In the early 1900's the war committee had a very strong desire to accomplish flight.  So they hired the best in the country.  His name was Samuel Pierpont Langley. He sat on the board at Harvard, was given 50 thousand dollars for funding, and had times magazine following him around everywhere.  He then proceeded to hire the best minds in the world to work with him to create this flying machine. What he wanted and how he was to get these things was very clear.  He came from the outside in. I'd venture to say he took the job and did it for fame and fortune. So, why did he fail and the Wright Brothers succeeded?


They had no college degrees amongst all of them.  They were vastly underfunded using the money they had gotten from the proceeds of their bike shop.  The odds were stacked against them.  Yet, they knew there why and let that be the driving force to figure out the how and what.  Because in life if you're why is not strong enough you will never persevere long enough to see it come to fruition.  It is said that the Wright Brothers always grabbed extra parts because they would crash it 5-7 times a day before dinner.  Dupont would have never made that level of sacrifice his why was not strong enough.

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