Why Meditation? A quick start guide to benefits

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Meditation is everywhere these days, but why should you start?

Meditation has a host of benefits, Weight Loss, Physical Health, Mental Health, Mental Clarity, Inspiration, Empowerment, Motivation, Control

It can also relieve Stress, Anxiety, Depression.

How does meditation achieve this?

Meditation takes Awareness away from thought. To take your Awareness away from the never ending thought stream that is your mind is incredibly powerful and healing. It brings clarity and freshness to the mind, which favours mental clarity and inspired thoughts, and reconnects you with the inteligence of the body, which favours physical health and maintenance.

How can I begin meditating quickly and easily?

Take 3 conscious breaths. 

Bring your awareness into your lungs, and really feel your breath flowing into your lungs. Feel the air, taste it, feel the warmth or the heat, the moisture, as you take 3 long deep breaths.

Congratulations, you are now a meditator.

Meditation doesn't need to be hard.

During your meditation, your 3 conscious breaths, you were present, you were in the moment, in the now. This is your place of power and it is more important to come here often, than it is to spend a long time meditating.

You shouldn't force yourself to meditate, it should feel easy and light. Take it slow, progress is never lost, and your awareness will expand each time you enter the now.

My intention here is to show you how easily you can incoperate meditation and mindfulness into your life.

I am an introvert by nature and I would have never had the courage to start an online business without meditation and mindfulness. If this resonates with you I encourage you to click the banner below and learn more about the tools and education I used to start and run my business.

2018 is a year of transformation for me and I could not have done it without finding my place of power, and surrounding myself with likeminded individuals. We live in the information age now and everyone has their own unique perspective on life. There is a great oppertunity now to create value for others and then yourself online. If you felt that little "aha" moment in your heart, then this is your time.

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