Woman Behind the Plastic Mask - Who is the Real Me?

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Woman Behind the Plastic Mask – Who is the Real Me 

When I was writing the Article Woman Behind the Plastic Mask, it made me think about the different undefinedmasks we all wear on a daily and even minute by minute basis. When I break down my different roles and masks, often several in a day, the list soon mounts up and, for each role, we need to wear a different one. Mother, carer, partner, cook, cleaner, therapist, counsellor, advisor, driver, shopper, blogger, IT user, receptionist, teacher, meditator, yogi;  the list goes on and on.

Are you Suppressing the Real You?

But, what about the person behind the mask?  Which of the above am I, am I really any of them? If I look deep within myself do any of the above descriptions fit who I really am?  The above is just a list of roles of what I do, not WHO I am.  Amazingly, we all have a tendency to describe ourselves asundefined what we do rather than who we are.  Maybe it is because we don’t believe that other people are really that interested in what we feel and what we believe in.  Often, we avoid these types of conversations because we know it will only cause controversy or upset but is right that we are saving other people’s feelings at the suppression of our own.

Being Who I Want To Be

I remember when I first started meditation and yoga classes and made the decision to only use natural remedies instead of chemical alternatives.  My daughter said to me “ Mum, you’ve gone all new age”.  Had I really? or had I always been that way but couldn’t express myself because of circumstances and all the masks I was wearing. My daughter really is not judgemental but I suppose she had not really seen that side of me, the real side of me, before.

Do You Want to Scream?


Do you sometimes feel like shouting what about me and my opinion, my beliefs, what about who I really am!!   The mind and body are inextricably linked, this frustration means that we get out of balance and anger, depression and many other emotions can lead to illness, headaches and other physical symptoms which appear out of nowhere. 

Finding the Real You

Letting out the real you is important, do you love to blow bubbles, dance, walk bare foot in the grasundefineds, laugh out loud!  What is also important is finding like-minded people to talk to, share, discuss and grow with, people with whom you can be who you are, who don’t judge, ridicule or ignore you, but encourage you, share with you and support you all the way.   Don’t be afraid to let go of relationships and friendships that are not good for you, that suppress the real you.  People come and go but real friendships survive. Those that are not true friends only suppress us and turn us into someone we are not, often this is because they have not addressed their own issues, therefore, try to put them on to others.  TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS, BE YOUR TRUE SELF. doesn't it feel Good? :)

If you need help or guidance on any of the above or just need to express yourself to a like-minded sole, then get in touch. You can email me or message me on facebook.


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