Gratitude in Recovery & Life

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the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation, recognition, acknowledgement, hat tip, credit, regard, respect; 

Hi it's Dermot again. If you read my last blog from 26th April, you will know that this is a follow up to that blog and part of a "Recovery from Addiction Series", If not read on:

Gratitude in Recovery

The Attitude Of Gratitude

Giving thanks and appreciating the smaller things in life are core to recovery from addiction.

Being grateful for what you have will lead to more positive emotions, thus more to be grateful for.

Everyone in recovery who can remember the dark days of addiction, have to be at least grateful for still being sober today.

Focusing on what you have lost or yet to gain will lead you away from gratitude and back into stinking thinking.

Give Thanks to God for being right where you are right here & now, even if you are having a bad day.

Continuing to be grateful in spite of negative circumstances will build your own resilience and self esteem, and help you deal with the ups and downs of life.

Gratitude List

1. Commit: Do not put it off, just do it, no second thoughts, just put everything else aside.

2. Begin: Get a note pad and pen and start your list by writing “I am grateful for……”. Take as long as you need and allow your thoughts to race and accept whatever comes to mind, no matter how big or small or even bizarre.

3. Write it Down: Putting it down on paper gives it “power” and you can add to it as you go along & it will always be there to review.

4. Feel it: Even if you are not feeling grateful, write it down anyway. The feelings will come as your gratitude grows. You must though allow yourself to feel and express your feelings through laughter & joy.

5.Choose a set time of day: Meditate on your gratitude and add to your list either first thing in the morning or before going to bed.

6. Practice present moment gratitude: As you go through the day take time to stop and think of something you are grateful for or appreciate, like a smile, a sunset, or rainbow.

7. Share the gratitude: Be kind to one another, share compliments, tell others what you are grateful for and encourage gratitude in others.

8. Don’t stop once you start to see results: When you are on a role, keep rolling, as if you become complacent then your gratitude will regress, and self pity and negativity will return.

9. Allow yourself to be human: If at first it doesn’t work or you forget to be grateful, don’t beat yourself up, but get back up and keep going.

Gratitude List  go from A to Z

Write Your list from the heart & take as long as you need. You will find in time, Your list will get longer & longer & longer and you will become, Happier & Happier,

No End to Gratitude

To wake up and focus on gratitude, will set you up for the day in a positive way, even if you have had a bad sleep or are normally grumpy in the morning….

Every time during the day take time to focus on and think about people, places and things and even memories that make you happy, appreciative and grateful for. In time this can become a habit and will improve your quality of life.

Give thanks for the day and one more day sober.

What if I feel no Gratitude

"Fake it to make it". We easily feel enraged, resentful, and upset from negative thoughts, so why can we not learn to feel happy, grateful and love from positive thoughts.

Let go of your negative feelings and thoughts & they will be replaced by positive feelings and thoughts.

Laughter is the best remedy to lift our moods and make us appreciate life around us, even if just for the moment.

Life is made up of moments, here & now.

So focus on what makes you happy and ignore all the thoughts & feelings that bring you down.  

Gratitude is the attitude of recovery.

Without Gratitude you will not have a good recovery.

Focusing on what you don’t have or should will only create anxiety and suffering.

Giving thanks and appreciation for what we have today, our sobriety one day at a time, is a small price to pay for such a massive reward.

In addiction we took everything and everyone for Granted, even ourselves, never forget that. We owe it to ourselves and everyone else.

My next article will be is on Honesty

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Recovery is about growth and everyone does grow at a different pace. My advice to anyone in early recovery is to wait at least 2 years before making any major life changing decisions that might have emotional ramifications. An example: get a mortgage, get married, change career, emigrate. In light of this everyone has dreams and we all do want to better our lives in one way or another, so it is important in early recovery to start to put those dreams into reality by creating achievable goals which can be reached in time. I found in my early recovery, although I had dreams, I wasn’t aware of creating goals and my life unfolded by default. It turned out well for me, but had I had clear goals, I do feel that it would have been even better.

I do try to learn from my mistakes, and that is why they are little miracles in themselves that happen for a reason. I am a growth seeking being I will continue to seek change in myself. What motivates me is the Pain – Pleasure, which moves me away from my pain points (a lack of finances, time & peace of mind) to my pleasure points (freedom of finances, time & peace of mind). The way I have found to achieve this freedom and to move away from the “Groundhog Day” of life is through on line marketing. I have taken this step into the abyss, I’m not tech savvy at all, and with the support of SFM, I am working my way through it. The internet is here to stay and is the future for all of us, so don’t get left behind because it is gaining momentum. If you want to learn what I am learning and are in a point in your life where you want change, then I offer you, through my mentors, a no obligation FREE 7 day video series to watch.



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