You are meant to be happy...

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Have you ever wondered what happened with your life?

Do you think back to your younger days and remember those feelings of happiness and freedom?

Would you like to change direction in your life and start back on the path to your inherent happiness?

We all start out in life in a place of inner freedom and happiness. As a child, we have an amazing sense of adventure and wonder and we have such a feeling of hope for the future!

However, as we get older much of those feelings get shoved aside as we attempt to fit into society and become the person we feel we ought to be... But unfortunately fitting in isn't really what its cracked up to be! Fitting in causes us to lose touch with our authentic nature and to begin comparing and judging ourselves by the measure of others.

These learned unnatural behaviors cause us to become unhappy as we are no longer aware of our connection to inner truth and freedom, and we become lost in the expectations of the outer world,

You are meant to be happy

It's like to are required to imprint upon our real selves a mask that enables us to function in the world and ensures that as many people as possible are pleased by our actions. We are trained to perform and function in a way that suits those whom we have given our power to such as our parents, teachers, community leaders and our bosses/companies that we work for.

As time goes by this creates inner conflict because quite simply we are not designed to conform.

Each of us is a unique expression of life and this uniqueness is meant to be celebrated! But if we ignore this uniqueness and try to squeeze ourselves into the default pigeon holes that society creates for us, then that's not going to leave much room for our happiness to manifest itself...

Now I'm not talking here about becoming anti-establishment or anti-society in any way, most often these are just more masks that people adopt or the result of repressed anger which comes from the very fact that these people have not felt free to express their true nature in the first place.

When we are really in tune with our authentic selves, we do not seek to create hurt or fight against anybody, we see that there is simply no need to... Coming from this place of inner unity we understand deeply that what the world needs is more truth and happiness! 

You are meant to be happ

So how do we get back to this inner state of happiness?

First of all, we must recognize what happened - we must allow ourselves to see the truth that all this stuff we pulled over ourselves and all these attachments and identities with things, people, experiences, and places are why we cannot experience our inner truth.

There is of course nothing wrong with identities, things, people, experiences, and places - on the contrary, these are the stuff of life and can bring tremendous value, enjoyment, and meaning into our lives! But the ultimate meaning is that which we bring ourselves and it is the attachment and fixation upon this stuff of life and that it needs to be a certain way which causes our unhappiness.

Then once we have started to see this illusion for what it is, we can begin to unravel ourselves from it quite simply by withdrawing our attention from it little by little. We can take our focus away from our incessantly chattering mind and place it elsewhere - such as on our breath - for the quality of consciousness is that it takes on the form of whatever it rests upon.

This is where we learn some form of meditative practice - a simple one is just to watch the breath, for when awareness is on the breath it is not on the mind and the illusion, truth then has the opportunity to spontaneously reveal itself to you.

You are meant to be happy

We can really help this process of detaching from our illusory mind and all its false creations by making some different lifestyle choices too. Basically, anything that feeds the illusory mind is going to make it stronger and put more obstacles in the way of your awakening to your inherent nature and intrinsic happiness.

TV for example powerfully affects our ability to clearly see within, as 90% of the time it presents to us an unending supply of drama and violence, which the illusory mind feasts upon causing it to grow in strength. Consciously choosing which TV programmes to watch and subscribing to online channels such as Gaia TV can really help with the lessening of the noise and the nurturing of our true natures.

Other lifestyle choices can be very beneficial too - dissociating yourself with any kind of drama either at work, at home or socially really helps to quieten the mind too.

Then, of course, there is our job

This is a big one for most and I found that as I began quieting my mind and opening to more of my inner truth with meditation practice etc. that staying in my job/career became harder and harder for me to do. I basically realized that just like the TV programmes I used to watch, my job was another product of my illusory mind and it fed on the stress, drama, and conflict that I experienced when I was at work.

So we need to find something else... 

A lot of us really want to be free of our jobs, but we are unsure of what to do! I mean we have most likely been in the same industry for years and it could well be all we know... This is certainly how I felt, but I also knew that I simply HAD to make a change and do something completely different, something that was going to support me in the nurturing and awakening of my inherent happiness...

Just as you may have done, I had already looked at different careers, professions and the prospect of retraining many times over, but I could see that before long I would just end up in a similar position again. I did not want to find myself working for somebody else's targets and goals all over again, and not be free to pursue my own happiness and freedom - which is what I really did want!, and the best thing I could do for the world!

To be truthful I was very resistant when it came to looking into creating an online business for myself. At the time I was skeptical about the whole thing and I believed that working on the internet was just all about selling stuff and spam emails... LOL, I was naive, to say the least!

You are meant to be happy

The truth is that the internet is a platform whereby anyone can express themselves, bring immense value to others and at the same time earn a very good living from doing so!

By 2020 over 4 billion people will be using the internet daily (it's 3.2 billion at the moment) is there really any better way to express yourself and to find those people who may have problems that you can solve...?

Talk about fulfillment!

I work a few hours each day, I write blogs about things that enjoy communicating, I create fun videos about stuff I'm into and I help and inspire others to start living the life they really want to and to nurture their true selves...

I could never have done this alone... I joined up with an online community that gave me support right from the word go which has shown me how to use the internet in the most enlightened and value-driven ways that I would have never thought possible!

They have helped and inspired me to really believe in my right to be happy, not just some of the time but always! From working with them I have also gained the belief that I can and am entitled to earn a living from doing what I love! They provide a from scratch training platform for all levels and online experience, and they definitely come from the heart! I'm proud to be a member of this incredible community

I would love it if you joined us and started creating a life for yourself that you can really enjoy - in every area! 

Thank you for reading - I sincerely hope you experience the very best that life has to offer...:)

You are meant to be happy...


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