You are Potentialized!

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YOUYou are Beautiful inside and out! Embrace every bit of you; the good, the bad and the ugly. It is all you! is perfectly fine! 

Wake up to the true YOU! We are all unique and wonderful just the way we are. The mystery or misunderstanding comes from seeking this understanding of who we are from others and becoming directed according to how they feel we should be. Take this Power Back and Be the AWESOME YOU that you were meant to be. You only live once. Are you going to just exist and be the robotic soul that everyone else thinks you should be? OR, are you going to LIVE to your full Potential? 

I have embarked on a journey of discovery through a process of starting my own business. The universe places things in front of us with perfect timing that guides us to find the true path unique to us. This path, for me, has produced hidden jewels that are so much more valuable than just starting this online business. The jewels continue to surface through the learning process of discovering my WHY in life using the SFM/DEA (Six Figure Mentors/Digital Expert Academy)tools. I have an abundance of help through this community of people.

Finally, Society is changing for the Better. We have seen enough tearing each other down. Through hardship and trials, we find the desire to reach for Better. I believe we are all searching for this new Awareness of Positivity. This positive trend surfacing throughout society is cultivating the building up of others. This is so refreshing to know and, most importantly, to be a part of.

Wake up! All the answers and understanding are within YOU! Books are being written to prove this new wave that is here. Bradley Thomason says it so clearly in his book Potentialized, " You are the answer you've been searching for because you, and only you, create your life-- one thought, word, and action at a time. Every day and in every moment you choose and you create. The current state of your life is the sum total of all those choices. If you are not creating what you want then you are not choosing what you want", others are choosing it for you.

I invite you to overcome your fears, limiting beliefs and success blockers to this new journey of rediscovering yourself and your purpose. Start Realizing your dreams and come back home to your true self, your true potential. Start leading yourself instead of allowing outside forces to push and pull you through life. Choose your own path! For a deeper understanding of how to do this check out this book Potentialized by Bradley Thomason (great read!)

The Great News is that you know you better than anyone else. So, the question is how to discover and expand this understanding within yourself. Sometimes in life, and in this day of so much stimulation, we often over complicate things. Let's take it back to the simplicity of life and the state of JOY (as we were in a childlike state). Tip: Trust your instinctual thoughts/gut (this is your internal true guidance. Take action within 5 seconds before your normal habit of talking yourself out of it occurs) 

The answers are very clear inside of you if you can tame your mind, the answers will come. One way to tame your busy mind is to start your day off with meditation, or quiet time before the day gets ahead of you. Concentrate with a direct purpose and the knowing of how you want your day to go. Keep in mind you are in control of how you respond to circumstances and others throughout the day. 

All you have really is NOW. 

Use your Potential today! Find your own way and BE HAPPY! No matter what that looks like!


As always, Dedicated to your success!



P.S. If you notice the blue highlighted areas of all my posts you will discover resources to take you further. If ever you have more questions and need answers contact me through Aloha Spirit on FaceBook. If you choose to follow my path of discovery click on the free start your own business link to the side.