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All about decisions

The intention, inspiration, decision, making a choice. There is always a way. One way or the other. undefinedIf you say -"I don't have a choice," - you limit yourself, by making such statement. And in a sense, this is your decision. It takes awareness and courage to observe, what is going on in our minds and realize, that it is not possible not to have a choice.

As I mentioned last time when we were on the run from communists, it looked like we didn't have a choice, only to go forward. There were other choices we could have made, but these would bring us where we didn't want to be. Therefore if you ponder what decision you want to make, before making such statement - I don't have a choice - realize, that there are many choices you can make. Just what is your intention, what inspires you? What are you after?

There is no such thing as a wrong decision. It is a part of a learning process, what works and what doesn't. The big thing you can get from the "wrong" choice is a lesson. Learn the lesson and chose again. And again. Observe, how old subconscious programming is running the show.

I invite you to look at the opportunity to expand your horizon in what is possible. By clicking the add bellow, it will get you to the world of digital business, where anything is possible - as you decide.

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