Your self image

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   Your self image, the way you see yourself, the way you preceive others see you. This one thing in it of itself is probably the most difficult thing to overcome in one's life. Its your comfort zone, how you dress, who you hang out with, where you hang out. Your self image is your internal radar that pushes you in the directions that you see as safe.


    What if your self image is out of date? lets say when you were a kid at school you were bullied a lot and to avoid the bully's at all cost you would make yourself small and as unnoticeable as possible to keep yourself safe. It worked fairly well flying under the radar, it helped you stay safe for the time being. But now lets fastforward to today your working hard at your job and a promotion comes up and you would like to have it, BUT THERE'S COMPETITION, tension arises in the company for those who want the job. That tension triggers something in your mind, this fear of conflict pops up, and anxiety floods your body with adrinaline. You begin to make yourself small to avoid your competing coworkers. As you do this you feel the anxiety leaving and you calm down, a couple of weeks later the position is filled and you missed your chance. Yet you rationalize why you did'nt schedule an interview for the position, "i'm ok where i'm at," "who needs the extra responsability anyway," "it probably wouldn't have been a good fit for me." This is just one example of many.



   ITS TRUE you become what you think about! Its time for a new self image. Most everything that you have in your life is because of the things you think about most of the time. We tend to think thoughts of lacking, poverty, and never enough. Consequently these things are what comes into our lives. Just as easily we can choose to think thoughts of abundance, riches and more than enough. "Yeah, but my car sucks!" "I can't even make ends meet and I never have enough money for my necessities." "How could I ever see life that way?" Remember this LACK OF EVIDENCE IS NOT EVIDENCE OF LACK. When you change the things you think about, you change your self image and when you change your self image, You carry yourself differently. You don't want to hang around the same people anymore, you become more conscious of your thoughts (You have to in order to change your self image). You take charge of your emotions (Emotions are energy in motion controlled by impulses of thought) You can do this.



   Only think about the things you want in life and you will achieve it. Put off the fears and doubts in life, change your self image into what you want it to be. Create the future of your dreams! The life you want to live! Change never comes when you have to see it to believe it, you have to believe then you will see it. You can most certainly do this because its already been done before.

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