10 bad things about Working from Home!

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Laptop Lifestyle, Digital Entrepreneur is it really the best job? There must be some disadvantages as well? Everybody talks about the Freedom and nice things about Working from Home, but I want to be Honest!

This is the truth about the bad things! 

1. You have to be with your sick children.

 10 bad things about Working from home

They call from school or from childcare, you have to get them they are ill. You don´t have to ask your boss about getting home, you don´t have to call grandma or grandpa, you don´t have to stop working! That is bad. While you work their germs get to you! Noo, not good!

2. Nobody cares if you sleep long in the morning. There won´t be a boss that watch the clock when you arrive, with an angry face. No one cares if you start work at 8 or 11 in the morning. Too bad!  You really want to feel indispensable! It's nice when the boss controls you! 

         10 bad things about Working from home

3. Your mum wants you to help her, and you don´t have any excuse to say no. If you had an ordinary job, you could say that the boss didn´t get you the day off, and on the weekend your children had football training. Now you have to help your old mum. 

4. When your pet is ill, you don´t have to schedule the
veterinary booking so it fits your travel to work or take a 
day off. 

I mean that is the fun thing, to have to discuss back and forth to manage it to work well! The time schedule for you and the family. Its a really nice puzzle that amuses you! 
                               10 bad things about Working from home

5. No one will call you for a meeting when you are in the middle of something important. 

Here we go again, you are not needed! Nothing is as good as when someone disturbs you in the middle of something. It´s the only and right way to feel really good, needed and important. And then it is really okay, that you have to work all night to finish your own stuff. 

6. The spring is coming and the sun. Ordinary people at work can say "Well if I could take a walk or run in the sun, but I have to work!" and have that excuse for not doing the workout or powerwalk. You don´t have any excuse! You HAVE to take that walk or run. Bad thing! Excuses are good! 

                             10 bad things about Working from home

7. Do you have a horse? When wants the farrier come? Or the chimney sweep or the repairman. At weekends? No way! They want to come on daytime. You have to take a day off, and then you can also rest, ride and have a really nice day. So if you don´t work in an ordinary job, you can´t get that day off and enjoy. You will get cheated on the bonus time on the day off if you don´t have an ordinary 9-5 job! 

8. You don´t have a special office. I mean it´s nice to decorate your office with pictures of children and pets. Now you just have your computer, and you can be anywhere. That is boring. When you sit on the cafe and work, you really feel that a photo would do it! It´s        10 bad things about Working from home
a shame to be able to work from anywhere! 

9. The quality time in the car, or on the bus! Your own time that no one can steal from you! Every day you have your own time for maybe an hour or two, to travel to work and home. While you sit in the queues and a filled up bus or train and have a nice time by yourself. Naah, it´s a waste if you don´t have that time! Where should you get that if you work from home?     

                          10 bad things about Working from home

10. The challenge of going to work in the rain, storm and warm sunny days. It´s healthy to overcome challenges! If you just can look out and see " it's raining I stay at home" or "Nice and sunny, today go to the beach, I can work my two hours from there" anyone can understand that it will undermine the humanity! A parent knows that you can´t succeed if you don´t have setbacks. Everyone knows that a job is meant to be 9-5, Monday to Friday, on a special place! Can´t be changed! 

So now I have told you the honest truth about working from home! I hope that you really really take a hearty thought about this! And I have just picked some of the disadvantages that come with Work from Home, and Online Business.

So I now hope that you quit your thoughts about being an Online Entrepreneur, now when you got the truth. If not! Then I recommend this link. 

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But I warn you, the sun on the beach is dangerous, the Freedom can give you vices, like Powerwalk in the morning, Coffee breaks, Family time and Happiness! 
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