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If you analyse how you came to the decision of choosing your career path, just think for a moment how this makes you feel as you ask yourself the question - "Do I love everything about my chosen career path? Do I wake up excited to go perform my duties every day? Do I feel confident I can do this for the rest of my life and be successful no matter what? Did I choose this because it is something I love doing and it brings me joy? I cannot wait to get up and perform these daily duties?

There are only two inevitable results to this feeling, either that of LOVE (happiness, excitement, peacefulness) or FEAR (nervousness, unsure, hopefulness, indecision) - the two roots of all human emotion.

If you feel more towards the latter, chances are you haven't the foggiest idea of what to do. That is OK, the vast majority of people felt exactly the same way, some people at 40 still don't know what they want to do.

I believe, most people get their choice of career wrong because what is the first thing that comes to mind? Money, right.

We say to ourselves, "Well I'm going to choose this career because I see how my friends father is so successful, look how much money they make?

At a young age, we generally perceive our careers as a means to money. We believe money is our means to success. You may not be ENTIRELYwrong.

We often then go on to affirm we will retire by a certain age, often many years before the real eventuality? When that doesn't pan out, we are left feeling dejected, a little less confident and a little more fear grips our thoughts as we think, OK, what will I do next?


Firstly, ask those closest to you if money provides happiness? Yes, it may make life a little easier, but in reality, there are many wealthy people who have extremely unhappy and unfulfilled lives? No, money cannot buy you happiness, and in time you will learn, happiness is the key to living a life of abundance.

Secondly, be YOURSELF, appreciate you are UNIQUE and you possess attributes that no-one else does. You have value in the uniqueness that is you and therefore you must not compare yourself to others. 

Comparing yourself to others inherently brings you to focus on the things you don't have and will force you down the slippery slope of personal torment, filling you with limited belief in terms of your self-worth and ability. 

In the end, the challenge is for yourself, no-one else.

Just because someone on the outside looks successful, you don't know their financial circumstances. They may be 60 days away from bankruptcy. Remember, many people may look wealthy on the outside but many are severely indebted to the banks. Wealth is determined by how long one is able to continue living and paying their bills if they were to lose their job tomorrow  - How long would it take before the banks foreclosed on you and seized all your assets. 

For many this could be 2 to 3 months. Well then, this determines how wealthy you are!

So don't be fooled by what you see on the outside.

Thirdly. Learn to set REALISTIC goals for yourself. Understand, life is a journey and in order to become successful, it is important to enjoy the journey to finding success as opposed to focusing on the destination. 

Why, well again, it will help your Ego destroy the mindset governing your abilities, your effectiveness and your appetite for risk. 

Be CAREFUL of your Ego, it will have you believe you have little worth to offer - protect your thoughts from negativity.


Base your choice around that which makes you ALWAYS and WITHOUT FAIL, happy. Maybe it is a hobby you love? The safest bet is to look towards an interest that you seem to never get bored from? Something that excites you and appeals to your want for more learning and understanding on the subject.

You must want to commit a lifetime to that which you have chosen, after all, it's what you love? Why would you want it over by the age of 40? Set goals for achieving them, but embrace your career as a life purpose.

If you are unable to identify a business SECTOR that suits your hobby or interest, start a Blog and reach out to others sharing your interest or hobby and hear what others have to say about the subject. Many people today appreciate we live in the information and digital age, you may be wise in ensuring you build an online business by obtaining an education in Digital Online Marketing? 

Remember this, traditional jobs require you trade your time for money. The alternative is doing something that you love, target a world-wide audience and earn while you sleep. This way, you will always OWN your own TIME.

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