3 Steps To Discovering Your Destiny

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I’ve always been fascinated by Dreams. I mean the kind that you dream at night. As a child, I can remember this amazing dream that I could fly. I was like Superman flying around my house – to this day I don’t know why Superman was confined to the house but maybe he wasn’t allowed out until his homework was done or something.

In any case, It felt real. I mean I had never actually flown outside of an airplane but in my imagination, my dream felt like I was really defying gravity. Once I woke up I had to come to grips with the reality that people didn’t really fly. That discovery is another story.

Day Dreams were pretty cool too. I could be sitting in English or History class and suddenly I was playing Short Stop for the NY Yankees, I had a great imagination that generally interfered with I shockingly high percentage of the time I was in school.  Don’t judge me – you probably did something similar!

The other types of dreams – the hopes and desires – are alive and active too when we are young. We dream about our ambitions of what we want to be, the place we’d like to live, who we will spend our time with and where we will spend it.

The characteristics and the content of our dreams tends to change as we grow up. Some of us stop remembering the dreams we have while we sleep - even though they seemed so interesting and significant at the time. Our daydreams too consist of all that we need to do with the accompanying stress. In fact, we don’t’ really even call them daydreams anymore. We call them distractions.

I’m not a psychologist but my guess is if this is your experience you may feel as though you've wandered off course at some point. We are so overwhelmed with all we need to do that we can no longer enjoy just be in the moment. It’s like our mental cup is full and has begun to overflow so much so that we lose focus of the task at hand and begin worrying about what we need to do later or what we forgot to do earlier.

Life tends to become very stressful. It can be an annoying mixture of juggling the cares of tomorrow with all of its uncertainty and the affairs of today with a never ending (and continually growing) to-do list. Meanwhile we are told to enjoy the moment.

If you find this difficult too then don’t worry, It’s not your fault! You were not made to live this way. This is not who you are. You’ve been forced into an impossible mold. One in which you weren’t design to fit.

So what about dreams? Where do they fit? In practicality, they don’t. That’s why many people give up on them. Let’s fix that! Here are a few steps to get you started on the road to discovering your destiny.

Decide to Live Your Own Life – Not Someone Else’s

I’ve found that many people spend excessive amounts of time escaping their reality through unhealthy activity such as hours in front of the TV or on social media. Nothing wrong with either of these except when used destructively and in excess. For example, as a means to abandon the concerns of life for a while.

Reclaim some of that time to consider what you really want. What are you passionate about? What are you interested in? What is your dream? It won’t happen overnight but being honest about where you are in your life is the first step.

Be Careful With Whom You Share Your Dream.

Dreams are fragile things at first. Too many “shouldn’ts” can kill them. On May 24, 1965, a thirteen-and-a-half-foot boat left quietly from Falmouth, Massachusetts. It would be the smallest vessel ever to cross the Atlantic. It was piloted by Robert Manry.

Manry had spent 10 years behind a desk. He was bored. What was worse is that is the small flame of a secret ambition was unrelenting. Manry was fearful – but not of the trip. He was afraid to tell many people because he didn’t want to be “talked-out” of his dream. He shared his ambition with just a few relatives including his wife, Virginia, who was his biggest supporter.

Plan for Obstacles

Manry’s voyage was anything but pleasant. It was better described as perilous. He spent sleepless nights trying to cross shipping lanes without getting run down, His rudder broke 3 time, and if it wasn’t for the rope he tied around his waist he would have been separated from the boat in any one of the many storms which swept him overboard.

Difficulty, lack of sleep, and loneliness along the journey are not always evidence of poor planning. Sometimes they are the consequence of taking on a big dream. It’s certainly true that planning for the fulfillment of a dream is paramount. But don’t be shaken by the storms.

Your Dream Is Your Compass To Your Destiny

Finally, after 78 days at sea he sailed into Falmouth England. His plan was to find a hotel, eat dinner and eventually find a newspaper that would write about his story. What he did not realize was that news of his voyage had spread.

As he neared the port, he was greeted by 300 vessels which escorted him to the pier where 40,000 people had gathered. Manry was a hero. Many of them would have thought he was crazy to give up a comfortable job as a copyeditor to risk his life in a sailboat.

Robert Manry returned to Cleveland but not to his job. His made a successful career as a lecturer and author. His book, “Tinkerbelle”, named after his vessel, was published in 1966 and became an instant best seller.

Here is the clincher. Robert Manry's dream was to sail across the Atlanitc. His destiny was bigger than his dream. His destiny was to inspire millions to discover their destiny.

What about you?

What’s in your heart? What is your dream? It’s a gift to you to bring to the world - your destiny. Real living isn’t done in mediocrity. Pastor Charles Swindoll has a quote, “Placed along the equiangular lines of logic, cost and timing, dreams are never congruent.

It may not make sense to everyone. It doesn’t have to it’s not their dream. It’s Yours.

Maybe you dream isn’t to cross the Atlantic but may be you would like to have a lifestyle that allows you more quality time with your family. Time to build and maintain healthy relationships. Maybe you’ve wanted to start a business or involve yourself in a philanthropic endeavor. I can relate.

My dreams were similar. I had run a reasonably successful business for nearly 22 years. It is probably a little more accurate to say that the business ran me more times than not. I actually started for more time and freedom and to work from home. Just the opposite happened.

While looking for ways to change my trajectory and get back to why I started my own business in the first place I was introduced to my mentor. I share the exact blueprint I used here. I started with the Free 7-day video series to learn key ways I could run a business around my interests and family – not to replace them.

Spend some time being introspective about your dreams and ambition. Find your supporters - feel free to reach to me if you would like, richard@thesuccessfullivingproject.com. Recognize that your destiny is wrapped up in you pursuing your passion!

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