The voice that Unspoken

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My gratitude to my mother and her mother who has created her and created me without you both, I would never exist in this world and thank you!

We all enjoy reading the real story and sometimes we unable to express them vividly, I am sharing my husband story as vividly as possible, it is give me the privilege and gratitude I am able to do so.

His lived most of his younger life in Sydney-Australia before he took his first overseas trip to New Zealand.

After he returned back home it was difficult to settle down as He had caught the "wanderlust" bug.

A friend of his was playing rugby league in Darwin and was a "start" up there. His dad showed him photos of his son in the newspaper quite regularly.  His sister was married to a boy from Darwin and his family were always saying how great life was up in Darwin.

His first thoughts were to go to Cairns, a tropical city in Queensland and off he went.  Airfares in those days were expensive so, He travelled by train.  After a few weeks there looking for a job, He was offered a lift to Townsville.  He took up the offer and landed in that city on a Saturday afternoon. 

He spent the night wandering around and the most excitement there was watching the local "hoons" racing up and down the main street.  Four days in Townsville was enough for him and on the spur of the moment, jumped on a bus, he saw heading for Darwin.  The bus company was called Redline and passengers on board jokingly called it Deadline.  Reasons were that it was never on time and also broke down quite often.  Break down was correct because, at one stage of the trip, we all had to get out and push the bus to get started!

He arrived in Darwin on a Thursday evening as he remembers it was late night shopping.  His sister's in-law was a bit shocked to see him and they lived in a small house so directed him to a nearby Motel.

Fortunately, a friend of his father's owned the Motel and he found a room for him that night.

The famous Vic Hotel was right next door and from the bar, you could look into the jailhouse behind.

He is the comedian and always a very happy lad


So this is where the most important stage of his life begins.

Thank you for the opportunity and for allowing me to share his story, I am so grateful to have the time and space to do it! Happy searching and happy reading, love and peace to all!

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