Keeping your why in mind

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Have you ever been in a situation where you planned for something with best of your intentions? You marked it in your calendar, prepped for it well in advance and felt determined to carry it out as planned or even better than planned!

And tada! something out of the blue comes up and no matter how hard you try something more pressing, more important always takes precedence.

Life and its challenges

Being a stay at home mom of two young kids❤️, I juggle with this challenge every day without fail.

I can only get anything done between two blocks of time really. Either before they wake up or after they go to bed. Anything in between is the time for my kids, family or anything related to one of those😀.

Now I understand your challenges might be totally different than mine but we all go through this frustration of not accomplishing of what we intended to or worst experiencing constant delays in achieving that. But that's life and if we intend to live our best life then it's in our best interest to channel our energies to one fundamental question - what's my why?

Keeping your why in mind 

Bringing your focus back to your why is the starting point for it to start making sense again.

  • Ask yourself why did you want to accomplish what you set out to accomplish in the first place?
  • Think about all the great things you have accomplished so far despite of all the challenges. 
  • And focus on building that 'good' feeling up again to bring your mojo back.

Once you get to that 'feeling good' state, don't stop there. Build up on that!

Look at your challenge with your renewed perspective. You will notice your mind will start pouring yourself with multiple solutions for the challenge you are facing. It will start making sense and you will find yourself ready to give life your best shot again!

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Arsh Bajwa

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