Love And Marriage Secrets Revealed!

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Love And Marriage Secrets Revealed!

In these strange times, you don’t hear many people who can say that they are married for so many years and still are happy and in love with each other. Where is the love? Where is the time that we celebrated a golden anniversary with the whole street and family?

Frank Sinatra has made a beautiful song:

Frank Sinatra has made a beautiful song:
Love and marriagelove and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
This, I tell you brother
You can’t have one without the other”

He is right, you need to be a couple, in love, married, and keep the love for each other. But how do we stay in love? How do we keep the fire burning to stay happy and forever together? What does it take to stay together for so many years? The answer? Quite simple but hard to do. You need to make sure you find “the one” for you without searching. If you start searching the chances are small that you will find your matching partner. It just needs to happen, you need to “accidentally” meet someone and you need to feel that spark. When you don’t feel that spark, it won’t last forever. On the other hand, if the person is right, then the rest is easy. Make sure you love her/him. Don’t change yourself to be someone better. Dare to be yourself without pretending.

What could help is a little present once-in-a-while. Who doesn’t like surprises? And not just only with holidays or birthdays. It really doesn’t need to be something big. If they only want bigger things, I think your partner is not “the one”. Buy something small without a reason and watch the reaction of your partner. Go out together, even without friends. Just the two of you, or only your family.

It’s always fun to be with friends, but once-in-a-while you should take time with your nearest family and loved ones. That way you can talk with each other. Read it again: with each other! Many people can only talk to each other instead of with each other. There’s a very big difference. What I mean by this is, if you start talking and your partner starts talking, who is listening? Let him/her talk and listen, then it’s your turn to talk and let you partner listen. Hear what you both want to say and let them finish before you start.


I’m not an expert or highly educated person, I’m just an ordinary guy from a very small country. But I’m in a relationship from 1994 and married from 2000. You do the math. We are still crazy in love with each other and try to spend as much time possible together.

What’s our secret?

I must say, we had our difficulties and other troubles. Try building a house together without arguments, try to keep all bills paid when you don’t have a steady job etc. Also, very important, give each other time to do things you like to do. It’s not because you are a couple, you need to do everything together. You have your hobbies, your partner could have different ones.

A good example of doing things separately: I love to drive my MX-5, she likes to drive her CB600F. We occasionally take our holidays at different times. May 2017, she went to Norway, July 2017 I went to Tuscany. Of course, we miss each other but the coming home is very warm. That way we have a lot of new things to tell and we can talk with each other over and over again.


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