Power of Writing Affirmations

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Power of Writing Affirmations

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I remember the time after the birth of my dear daughter leading up to the birth of my precious son. I constantly experienced two conflicting emotions at the same time.

One was this ecstatic state of being a mom, a parent for the first time.

And the other equally strong emotion was this feeling of uncertainty, confusion, about my career and work and how it will now fit in our new lifestyle as parents.

Torn between the two

I constantly found myself toggling between these two emotions.  So much so that I almost fell into depression but didn't.

Commuting always took a major part of my day. I was at the stage in my career where to go up the ladder, I would have to take on more responsibility and that too for the next couple of years. It wasn't a good option for me coz my kids were small and needed my time and attention.

I wanted a decent way out. I have always been the one with the most positive outlook towards life, a strong believer of the saying 'Where there is a will, there is a way'.

Where there is a will, there is a way

And for me, that 'way' came in the form of 'Thinking into Results' program. 

If you are following my journey for a while, you know about the impact 'Thinking into Results' had on me and still, do. For the first time in my life, I came to know the power of affirmations

I was to think about one or max two areas of my life where I really wanted to see a change. Then create my affirmations stating what I would like to happen in those specific areas of my life. And write those affirmations 20 times a day.

Now, it does seem a bit silly having to write 20 times a day something that you possibly don't even believe in. But trust me if you will, it will all start to make sense couple of months into the program.

Power of Writing Affirmations

Around four months into the program, I began to experience this shift in me. My thinking started to change. From being stuck in the box to thinking out of the box. My inhibitions started to give in!

Things that I casually used to think about in life, I suddenly found the courage to start experiencing some of those things.

My Affirmations pulled me out of being clueless to having a sense of direction and that too when I absolutely couldn't believe in what I was writing. I just kept doing it because I really wanted it to work for me.

My digital life

My digital life is the very first outcome of consistently writing those affirmations. A life that is shaping up for me right now is what was in my head at one point in time and I am actually living it now.

Can you imagine how that makes me feel? And I haven't stopped since then. My affirmations are a regular part of me now. It's what gives me the motivation, and sense of direction for the day, one day at a time.

I tried and I succeeded.

I hope my story inspired you in some way. And if you haven't tried already, I hope you feel a strong urge to try the power of writing your affirmations and see where it takes you!

Arsh Bajwa


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