Stop and give yourself some credit!

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I have a feeling you felt a connection with the title of the article and I'm so glad to see you here!

I am feeling inspired being in the phase that I'm in. Being a stay at home mom, running around my kids 24/7, and loving every minute of it. Surrounded by such phenomenal women around me that I feel like we don't always stop and give ourselves credit for what we do and how amazingly well we do it on daily basis.

Whether you are juggling between a promising career and family life, or you decided to give it all to your family for now or you are in that transitional phase. Just know that you are doing a heck of a job in maintaining that balance every single day and I commend you for that. You are constantly looking for ways to give back and be of service. Always thinking of ways to contribute on a bigger level and make a difference.

All those things are what makes you and your soul so beautiful. Just know that all that you are and all that you are aspiring to become is also eager to make its way into your life.

But I want you to take few moments off your busy life with me here and reflect on what you have accomplished so far. How far you have come and what you have become in living your journey of life.

Feel good about yourself. Think about all those times when you achieved something that seemed like impossible at the moment but how you surpassed your own expectations and triumphed your way through them, flying high in bright colors.

Looking at your accomplishments, don't you feel honored to know yourself and your limitless potential?

Did your belief in yourself and your capabilities not grow stronger? Did acknowledging that not make you feel good about yourself? 

That's powerful my friend! Let it out and let the world see the shining star that you are born to be.

I hope you to see what I can see in you. Your journey is one of a kind and the one that only YOU could live. So live your life the way you want to, own all the good and the bad, and life in return will shower all its glory on you:-)

To all that you are and aspire to become!

Arsh Bajwa

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