A Beautiful Moment

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A Beautiful Moment

This past week I was not feeling well and of course I didn’t have to say much to my daughter. She seems to be a very perceptive girl who at times surprises me with the wisdom that she speaks. I had a moment with her today that I had to share. It sparked an idea that I wanted to present.   It also brought some comfort that I want to extend to you. So, like most of you we usually sleep a bit longer on Saturdays. I usually get up and lay in the bed for a few moments until I hear my daughter call out “mommy”. It is a beautiful sound that I look forward to hearing, and I would jump up and make my way to her room to greet her. Well this Saturday was different, and it will be remembered until my last breath. I’m sure you have had those moments with your little, or not so little one. Today, I woke up and laid in my bed waiting to hear that sweet voice calling, but there was an unusual silence. I thought to myself my baby girl must be tired. I waited for a while longer and then decided that I would peek in on her and watch her sleep. When I got to the door to my surprise she was wide awake and lying on her bed looking up at me. I asked her why she didn’t call out like she usually does, and she said, “I thought you were tired and I wanted to let you sleep.” Her response melted my heart.

So often as parents we worry about our children. We worry about so many things too long to list. We hope that they will grow into being beautiful souls. Persons of integrity and empathetic towards others. The moment I had with my child was truly beautiful and encouraging.  Her response overwhelmed me. I embraced her and expressed the beauty of the moment. I also made sure she understood that she did not need to take care of mommy, and that mommy looks forward to her Saturday morning call. I was inspired to get a journal today to record the moment and all the beautiful moments that I would never want to forget.  I would like to share them with her when she is old enough to appreciate it. Perhaps this is something that you already do. However, if you are not doing so perhaps my story will inspire you. I know that there is so much vying for our attention daily however it may just take 5 to 10 minutes to write down a memory that would be priceless gift. May you see and capture all the beauty in the passing moments.

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Yonette Belinda

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