A Moose In My Garden!

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Hi, hoping your day is great!!

It´s only a few days left for us in Sweden before we move to Spain, Gran Canaria. Leaving this rainy, cold and dark country for Gran Canaria´s sun all year around, the parrots in the palm trees, dolphins and colourful fish in the sea. That´s really exotic, right?!

Well, Sweden is also an exotic country, just in another way. We live in a suburb with lots of villas, about 20 kilometres south of Stockholm. That close to the city you maybe wouldn´t think you could find a moose in your garden! Almost every time this year we get this celebrity visit from moose. I can tell you, Mr Moose likes our apples (we have 3 apple trees). I love animals and I´m glad to share my apples with them.

This moose is not even full grown but still a very big animal. Maybe he wanted to play in the kids' playhouse? ;-) You have to respect them though and be careful. The other day, just outside my son's daycare, there was a moose trying to attack (my guess is the moose was stressed) a man who had to climb a lamppost to not get hurt. What a sight! It was even on the news! 


Deer are visiting daily all year around in our rather small garden. They love to eat my flowers! The first year I tried to do everything to keep my nice flowers from them but then I realised, it´s not a battle I can win. So now I welcome them instead. It´s actually a cool thing to have those wild animals in my villa garden. 

I can tell you, the cats love the wild animals too!


This Summer we also had 2 hedgehogs "in love", in the garden. 

So, I will definitely miss the wonderful Sweden and its exotic touch. Not at least to mention the snow!!! Kevin can´t even remember snow since we spent last Winter in Spain too. 

I love that all countries are exotic in their own way!

Wishing you a wonderful day! 

Monica Bergkvist, Digital Marketer

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