A Shared Learning Experience - The Rewarding Way To Connect With Your Child

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Learning a new skill together with your child is one of the best ways to connect with each other. It removes the child-parent boundary line and is simply about two humans who are discovering something new. It is an opportunity to bond. 

A few weeks ago my older son, Ben, who is 8 years old asked for a skateboard for his birthday. I thought I should get one for myself too regardless of the fact that that I was 46. Why not try it since as a child, I never got to try it as well, so this is the perfect chance.

Nevertheless, Ben was learning much quicker than I did, so he became my little teacher. Every time we practised, we had so much fun together. Now, every Saturday afternoon is our scheduled time to have a blast at the skateboarding park. 


This learning experience had many positive and surprising effects on our relationship. We had lots of moments where we were caught with laughter and neither of us got hurt badly. Learning how to ride the skateboard wasn’t as hard as I was expecting it to be.

Another surprising positive effect is that Ben is such a good listener now and good doer by doing what I tell him without having to tell him a couple of times. He has become so helpful around the house and even puts his own clothes and toys away.

Making time for a shared learning experience and bonding with my children has now become my priority. Creating a shared learning experience can be done with anything. For example, a new board game, building Lego, reading, and so much more are many opportunities to create a mini learning experience and bonding time.

What I have found important is to let the child take the leading role and let them teach us in their own unique way while we create a nurturing environment for them. I encourage you to find ways of learning a new skill with your child. Get into it with an open mind and no expectations regarding the outcome.

A Shared Learning Experience - The Rewarding Way To Connect With Your Child

Tamas Mark