A glimpse of hope for college graduates who CANNOT see themselves in a 9 to 5

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An opportunity for college students who cannot see themselves in a 9-5 job.

If you’re reading this, I know exactly how you feel. You’re full of energy, ready to take over the world, but you have NO clue whatsoever where or how to start. The idea of waiting until you’re 80 years old to live the “good life” just isn’t an option for you.

(Let me tell you a quick secret. Most people suffer financially even after they turn 80, so that trap shouldn’t even be an option for you!)

It is a time for you to uncover your best self, which is impossible to do if you have your head buried in a job you hate, surrounded by people you just don’t click with.

I was a sophomore in college when I decided that I was done wasting my time on things that I have absolutely no interest in. I had HUGE goals. I wanted to meet the love of my life and travel the world together. I wanted to live in one of those top-floor flats in the city where all of the walls are windows! I wanted one of those bathrooms with a jaw-dropping view. Most importantly, I wanted an opportunity to build a business based solely on my passion. I didn’t want to drive to work just to be bossed around. I didn’t want to work for my paycheck. I wanted to get paid for being me.  

Let’s figure out what you want first. Let’s imagine that ANYTHING is possible and set some standards based on that perspective. Let’s dream big.

What does your dream life include? Traveling around the globe without a hint of financial worry? Driving the nice cars and wearing the nice clothes? Spending valuable time with your family instead of having to work long and hard days? Or maybe it’s just having enough money to buy a full tank of gas without a second thought!

Now that you have a clear vision of your dream life, let’s get on with the opportunity I promised to share with you. Every single thing that you just imagined will be possible for you. I stumbled upon a couple mentors who were instrumental in changing my life around. They held my hand as they introduced me to a digital world COMPLETELY foreign to my traditionally-raised mind. They had an entire community of big dreamers chasing and actually fulfilling their dream goals. The 9-5 wasn’t even a backup plan for me anymore. I took action and immediately joined their community full of success-minded people and never looked back.

If you’re interested in meeting my mentors, there is a 7-day video series absolutely free of cost. Don’t let a mind as great as yours be wasted on the mundane activities of this world. Instead, use it for what it was meant to be used for and squeeze out every drop of creativity in there. It’s time for you to create your empire.

Wishing you the best of success,

Serina Chowdhury

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