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There are many online courses and systems out there, claiming to provide you with some magic technique to earn thousands, with very little effort. These guys give the legitimate platforms online a bad name but not only that, they are robbing people of the experience of gaining a valuable and potentially, life changing education.

The online business world has been growing for more than a decade. Amazon alone make profits in the billions each and every year and people like you and me are earning from this also.

Affiliate (selling other companies product and receiving a commission) and e commerce marketers ( selling physical products through companies, such as amazon) have also been earning a full time income because the "old" way of doing business, the brick and mortar way, is just outdated and has been for many years.

The lockdown has driven a lot more people online, alongside the fact that online activity due to social media, google and youtube, means we are using technology a lot more in general.

It is also so much easier to be online, with mobile phone apps. The speed and little time and effort taken to purchase online, has great appeal for many.




A year ago my life was going nowhere fast. I'd battled eating disorders for most of my adult life and was in the midst of yet another relapse. Feeling pretty miserable about myself, my career and life in general, as my thinking was self sabotaging.

After watching a very motivational video on youtube, about starting an online business, i joined an exclusive online business platform. This may sound cheesy.. but it really did, not only change my life but save it. At 41 and over ten years with anorexia, my life and health were at great risk, if i'd continued down that path.


What happened in the months after starting my module training was something i had never fully achieved before.. true recovery! With three hospital admissions over the years, I never thought that I would ever get to that place, were i actually could be well.

The way successful entrepreneurs live their lives is different from the majority of people. They practice meditation, gratitude, wake up extremely early, exercise and eat a healthy diet. All of which I learnt, from the community and training I received to build a successful online business.

I began to incorporate a lot of these daily habits in to my own life and as a result, my mindset and whole way of thinking changed. I no longer had negative thinking and when those thoughts did try to creep in, I had the tools to manage them.

It has now become a part of my online business, all that i have learnt and experienced about mental health, will now be worth it, as the knowledge I have gained will go towards helping others in similar situations.

Another great reason for building an online business. You can literally build a business based on your passions, interests or purpose and that's a very rewarding feeling.



We all want different things in life, maybe a bigger house, new car or a million pounds. We are bombarded in the media with pictures and videos of a lifestyle that is filled with "stuff".

What about making a difference in the world, sharing our god given gifts and talents. What about finding out what are purpose is in life, instead of merely chasing materialistic things, just to look good and impress everyone else. Or because we things that's what we are meant to be doing.

My why, for wanting my own online business is long and yes, it does include some of the finer things in life but it also has some substance also.

I wanted to achieve something, all by myself, something that I have a calling towards and would have a positive impact on other peoples lives. There are so many out there at the moment, who are struggling emotionally and financially, due to the economy and covid 19.

To be able to share the possibilities available, outside of what the majority of society are doing, is a gift and a responsibility. There is more opportunity online, now than ever before, with online spending being in the billions and "traditional businesses, closing due to the crisis.

So, maybe your why, has a little more to do with financial security and freedom, so no matter what the economy is doing, you are safer being your own boss. During a crisis, the dreams of wanting a million in the bank and a porsche, suddenly become replaced with just wanting to keep that job!

The likes of Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs are people that we should be aspiring to be like. But instead, the majority are more interested in the lives of Kim Kardashian and other social media millionaires... !!

When job and financial security are threatened , do we keep dreaming for the million pound lifestyle? or do we think about paying the mortgage and keeping our jobs?



The video below, will introduce you to my mentor and co founder of the online business training platform. I found a renewed enthusiasm and excitement for what is really possible after listening to the wealth of knowledge from Stuart. 

He is a normal guy who has become a successful digital entrepreneur and is on a mission to WAKE PEOPLE UP, to the possibilities in life. Not just within business but with our mindsets, health and perspective. It's about providing value in your business and giving back, so we can create a better world. 

Enjoy the video below and please share with others and make a difference in their lives.


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