Angela King, the Neo Nazi that changed her life

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I was looking at a talk show here in Sweden, and one of the guests was Angela King. A young woman who told her story about her violent time in life, where she made a lot of violent racist crimes. 

Here is more about it. 


Here she says Most of all I regret that I hated myself so much!

A hate that ended in finding a Nazi group where she felt that she belonged, and she beat people up and thought that then the Nazi group would love and accept her. 

But to leave the background I say, that the thing that made the real impact on me was her transformation. That other people learned her to love herself as a human being, that she learned to love others, that she allows herself to feel vulnerable and take responsibility for what she did. That is real personal development and growth. 

She is a very strong woman, and I hope that you watch the movie Exit, that is about her. And I hope we all take the responsibility of OUR lives. No matter if we make crimes or if it is just in ordinary lives. We owe it to ourselves, to love ourselves and to make the best for ourselves. 

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