Are You Living a Lie?

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We live in this fantastic place called Earth and if we are lucky, we will be around for about 80 years.
80 years is nothing in comparison to the 4.5 billion year planet earth has been around. 
I was 42 years of age when I looked at my life and realised that I'd never really followed what makes we happy or done what puts a smile on my face. Instead, I'd sat behind a desk, lived with stress, felt unfulfilled and exchanged my time for money supporting someone else's dreams.

I earned well over £100,000 each year doing my job and one day I looked in the mirror and said to myself, 'fu*k this, there has to be another way.'

You see, in order to be truly comfortable in life, we first have to become uncomfortable. We have to step outside of our comfort zone and accept that life is not forever and that if you stick at doing the same things you do each and every day, you're gonna get the same each and every day. And YES! If you decide to choose a root other than a traditional job and step outside of your comfort zone and become an entrepreneur, it's going to scare the living sh1t out of you. To this, I say, 'GOOD' because we all need this to wake us up and make us feel alive instead of continuing on the hamster wheel of life that we are all conditioned to first take.

For those people that love their jobs, I am truly happy for you. For those that aren't, do something about it because you have a choice instead of making yourself miserable and angry. Whatever route you choose to find fulfillment I honestly don't care but promise yourself one thing if you want to make that change. Take MASSIVE action. Sitting on your arse having all the good intentions and leaving it until tomorrow will never move you forward in life.

I thought that when I made good money I'd be happy, but I was wrong. It's got nothing to do with money. It's about following your bliss. Follow your bliss and money will follow you wherever you go and will never be a problem.

Enjoy this video. It makes a lot of sense. I've found my fulfillment. Now it's time to find yours.

Richard Kennedy

Richard Kennedy is a digital entrepreneur, mentor, investor, and philanthropist who established to help others escape their traditional 9 to 5 jobs and access time freedom. You can check him out at or at

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