Best Spring Break Destinations for Families 2017

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Best Spring Break Destinations for Families 2017

Are you like me, getting out and shoveling your steps or driveway again for like the 10th time and it isn't even January yet?

Or perhaps you have someone else removing your snow yet are just as surprised and wary that we have already gotten so much snow already.

If the amount of snow we have already gotten is any indication of what this winter is going to be like, now is as good a time as any to start looking at spring break and planning where you will get away to enjoy a break with your family.

In this blog post, I'll share the top 10 destinations for families to enjoy in 2017. In the list I included one "staycation" location for us Canadian who may be limited in budget or wanting to stay with in our borders. Okay here we go:

Top 10 Best Spring Break Destinations for Families 2017 (in no any particular order)

1)Atlantis Paradis Island Resort

An all inclusive resort on a gorgeous island in the Bahamas that consistently gets rave reviews by both parents and children alike. I chose it because children or free or discounted and it provides lots to do for all ages group including  Check out all the great deals available if you choose to make this your destination of choice.It can be a little bit on the pricer side so either be prepared and pack your snacks and the such or be prepared to pay well above average prices for normal items such as Starbucks when you are on the island.

2)Rancho de Los Caballeros

A nice unique way to spend your winter time getaway in the sun with your family. Be it riding the horse or taking in a round of golf, you are sure to enjoy your stay.  There is also a spa on site and the rooms and staff consistently get rave reviews. This is another of the pricier options yet with the unique there, you are sure to make memories worth the spend.

3)Sandy Lane Resort

Okay, I may be just a little bit biased here since I'm from Barbados, yet this resort is spectacular and very family friendly...if you have the budget for relaxed and complete luxury:-) You will get to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the west coast of the island with all the amenities for all the family to enjoy.

4)Loews Coronado Bay

A beautiful resort in San Deigo on the water, beautifully decorated with gorgeous rooms and undergoing some recent renovations. With an excellent pool, great rooms, food and good service and a free shuttle to the touristy areas of San Diego, your entire family is sure to relax and soak up some rays with smiles.

Best Spring Break Destinations for Families 2017

I'm dreaming of a warm getaway...sometimes i wonder why I live in Canada...

5)Kauai Surf School

Another unique getaway you can do with the entire family. Off to Hawaii to learn how to surf at the only surf school to hold both the land and water lessons right on the beach! A unique adventure and bonding experience in gorgeous surroundings for all ages to enjoy.

6)South Seas Island Resort

This is a great family resort and has lots to do for the children, especially those ages 4 to 15. This resort covers about 2/3 of Captiva Island (just off of Florida) and includes serviced apartments, time shares, hotel rooms and individually owned homes. 

7)Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark

For the staycations, how about heading down to Niagara falls to enjoy the popular Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark. Gorgeous rooms, some of which that come themed. It's comfortable, reasonably priced with discounted prices available for Costco members last time I checked.

8)Club Med Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

A great way to experience the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic in a beautiful all-inclusive resort that caters to all ages. Amazing food rooms and a wide variety of water sports and other activities await your family, including great family friendly evening show.

9)Wyndham Vacation Rentals - Northern Florida

Very family friend spots with multiple style rentals be it hotel rooms to villas or apartments that you can choose from and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Northern Florida.

10)Hotel Playa Pesquero, Cuba

Cuba is another great destination to choose for the budget conscious travel looking for beautiful beaches, friendly people and a great family vacation. This Hotel consistently gets rave reviews for cleanliness and comfort with accommodating and pleasant staff. It's also noted as a great place to enjoy snorkeling for the entire family. 

Now, if you are like me and you wish to vacation sooner and much more often, you may wish to consider joining one of the leading global travel clubs that just recently launched in Canada called World Ventures. I recently joined myself and excited to take all sorts of ready made weekend or full week getaways at discounted prices.

Best Spring Break Destinations for Families 2017

Well, which one did you choose if any and why? Have you stayed at any of these location or perhaps have visited and fallen in love with Barbados :-) ? I welcome your comments and feedback below.

I hope I helped you with some great options on the Best Spring Break Destinations for Families in 2017.

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