Cant believe its time!

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Can't believe it's time

Cant believe its time!, Life 24 hrs at a time, Our today's and our tomorrows

While I was driving from my in-laws to our house with my husband today, we started talking about our youngest. And how he would start school in just two years. Both of us were in such a disbelief!

Like, what! It's already time.

He is the baby of the family, would be turning two next month. I mean I still carry much of the baby fat from his birth around my belly that I don't even try to hide anymore.

Life 24 hrs at a time

As parents of small kids, we struggle to make it from one day to the next, and sometimes it really is a drag. It seems like everything that we want to achieve in life can not even wait until next 24 hrs.

And then 24 hrs at a time, those first few years pass. Kids grow up and before you know it they are ready to take off! What's left is the feeling of wanting to experience it all over again.

That baby smell, that feeling of meaning the world to someone, that pure love and affection, everything big and small that you experience while you raise your little nuggets. Nothing in life can even come close to that experience. 

Our today's and our tomorrows 

My daughter who I dearly call 'precious princess punjaban', who just started school few months ago, surprises me more than anything else these days.

Like what she says, and how she talks!

Her understanding of the world around her has just expanded so much that sometimes I find myself looking into space trying to take in what she just said. She is one big sponge absorbing everything around her. 

This sudden realization has helped me slow down just a little bit.

Yes, I have big dreams for me and my family. Yes, now, right this very moment, seems like the best time to fulfill those dreams. But it won't be same without them creating those dreams with me. Being the very part of life that I'm trying to create. This is what pulls me in to my 'Why' again:-) And I love when that happens!

To our cuddly and chaotic today's to cool and creative tomorrow's:-)

Arsh Bajwa

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