Compact Living - My Small House In Spain, Part 3

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My passion is compact living! So, I thought why not share my latest compact living solutions with you, doing so in part 3 of my serie "Compact Living - My Small House In Spain". This way I will make it easy for you to find the other parts if you would like to see the transformation of my house. The house seems to be in an endless transformation since it´s so much fun to come up with new ideas and decoration. :-)

The Terrace

There have been some changes on the terrace. We just bought a new piece of furniture, two chairs and one table. 


Is it just a normal table and chairs? Of course not. ;-)

The chairs disappear under the table when you want more space. Perfect for us!!



The Livingroom

Today we got our new sofa table. I have plans for new wall shelves that I think will look good together with the table (promise to show them when ready) and some colourful pillows. Anyway, here is the table.


A good size sofa table with storage underneath but the reason why I bought it is this:


Now I have an extra working space, the kids can do their homework and we can also eat and have the plate in a good height, if we want to. Also, storage inside the table! 

The Bedroom

I have done some changes in the bedroom. When having three kids and both me and my husband work from home, you appreciate having different spots to sit with your computer. That´s why we also made room for a desk in the bedroom where we can have the stationary computer.

I think it´s important to have good beds for everyone. We have a sofa bed in the livingroom but we sleep five people in our only bedroom. One big bed, one bunk bed and now I made a bed for Kevin too. He usually comes to our bed during the night but I want him to have his own spot as well. 

I bought this crib from Ikea and made some changes. Made it lower and painted the corner pieces white. Now my 3-year-old is able to sleep in his own bed, under the desk (makes it cosier) and at the same time, you can walk on both sides of his bed. During the day it fits perfectly under the bunk bed!! Of course, my cats had to get a new bed as well. ;-)


Now I have several of working spaces in my mini house. Two outside and three inside. 

The other day the company, where I do my training, had one of their live webinars. This time the "Visionary Call" where the founders of the company update about developments and new upcoming things in the company. 

I sat in my new furniture on the terrace! :-)


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That was all for now. Thanks for reading! I´m sure there will be more updates of my compact living life soon. 

All The Best!

Monica Bergkvist, Digital Marketer

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