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My name is Analisa and Digital Wahine is my baby.  Wahine is the maori word for woman. I am maori. I am a woman. I am Christian. I live in New Zealand.  I am passionate about empowering women and helping them to reach their potential, flourish and be successful.

Although this was something close to my heart I didn’t know how I was going to achieve it.

Digital Wahine came about when I found SFM, Six Figure Mentor.  SFM opened up a whole new world for me.  The digital world.  I had found a way to reach women all over the world and encourage, empower, educate them without sitting right next to them.

How was I going to do this?
Simply by sharing my journey.  Sharing what I have learnt along the way and instilling belief into every woman out there.  Many women believe that being a mum is it.  Stay home, do the chores, look after the kids, and then do it all over again.  Or work very hard in a world that is dominated by men and get little or less than what a man would get for doing the same job. Or bound by a toxic relationship and no way of getting out of it. Don’t get me wrong, there are many successful women out there but lets be real.  There a many more that are not reaching their potential, not achieving what they had hoped, no longer dream of what could be and is rightfully theirs.  We had settled too easily.

Well I wasn’t willing to settle.  I knew that I could have the desires of my heart because that’s what God told me.  I have big visions and dreams of what I want to do not only for me and my family but for others as well.  I know that in order for me to achieve those dreams it’s going to take more than just sitting around and waiting for something to drop out of the sky.  It was going to take determination, drive, discipline and money.

That’s right. Money.  I needed financial freedom.  I say that because with financial freedom comes other forms of freedom.  Freedom to go anywhere at anytime, freedom to bless others, freedom to enjoy life, freedom to not be stressed about how things are going to happen.

And this is where SFM comes in. I started on a journey with SFM and have not looked back since.  It has been a journey of self discovery and has opened my eyes to the many opportunities that are out there in the digital world.

While sharing my journey with you I hope you embark on your own journey and begin to open up to the world of opportunities that are out there.

If you would like to find out how you can start your own journey with SFM then start right here by clicking on the banner below.

Welcome to Digital Wahine, welcome to my journey.

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