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It was early in the morning when my phone started buzzing with incoming messages.  Kanye West had said something about slavery being a choice.  After hearing the controversy and seeing the different memes being created, I decided to watch the interview for myself. I wanted to know exactly what was said.


I watched the interview and I wasn't appalled, disgusted or outraged.  On the contrary, I felt sympathy and compassion for him. This man has worked hard, he's made some mistakes like all of us and he is working hard to evolve as a human being living on this planet.  In my opinion, he's another frustrated "black" man living in America and much like Rodney King, he wants to know why we all just can't get along.  He spoke about love and peace during the interview and believes love can conquer all. 

Kanye has always wanted more for himself and his People who are Descendants of Slaves.  He wants more for the country he lives in and his heart is big enough to offer love to anyone, even those who hate him.  Like so many, he continues to try and make the best out of a bad situation.


Kanye isn't crazy or out of touch with reality.  He never said slavery was a choice.  Kanye said that being enslaved for 400 years sounds like a choice.  He seemed not to be able to understand how an entire group of people could be held in bondage together for that long. He thinks it must have been a mental issue.  

He quickly exchanged the word slavery for prison, to include all people, because his comment was not so much about the physical slavery of his People, but rather the mental prison that individuals and groups find themselves in because they are not thinking for themselves, but following the mob mentality.  Kanye is trying to free our minds. 

Dear Kanye,

It was not a mental issue that kept your People in bondage.  It was a curse and punishment for disobedience and rebellion. Abraham was told that his Descendants would be strangers in a foreign land, and in bondage and mistreated for 400 years. (Genesis 15:13)

The Hebrews were not strangers in Egypt where they unfortunately became slaves later on.  Upon arrival they were given the best land and highly favored because of Joseph. (Genesis 45:20)   Prior to that, they had relations with the Egyptians, buying and trading, and years before Abraham had a child, Ishmael, with his Egyptian servant.


The Hebrew Children of Abraham and Sarah are the People of Color and Descendants of Slaves who find themselves still scattered around the world, living in the strangest places (North America, South America, Europe, Iraq, India, etc.) suffering at the bottom, hated and despised. (Deuteronomy 28:64)

Many are looking forward to 2019 as the official end to the 400 year punishment.  The Hebrew Children of Abraham and Sarah are waking up to The Truth of their identity, having been told their history was lost.  Other people who are not Hebrews, including some "white" pastors, have also been enlightened and are sharing this Truth despite the backlash.

Nat Turner was not trying to get to Jerusalem, Virginia, but rather Jerusalem itself.

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