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When I decided to start this amazing journey of becoming an entrepreneur with my own Affiliate Marketing, I chose to open my heart and my soul in order to be as transparent as I could, that’s why I named my webpage Entrepreneur Lifestyle Mindset because I needed to start changing my mind first in order to have the lifestyle that I always wanted and to become an entrepreneur. Because if you do not change the way you think, if you do not change the way you do things, and keep doing them the way you have always done them, then how do you expect to have different results?

So I had to open myself, as I said, and one of the first things that I had to do was to get in contact with people like me, who has a special health condition, and who has been struggling for a while not only with painful diseases but also with the money factor. Pretty hard, though! Anyway, here’s a copy of what I wrote in my last post on a forum about Pemphigus Vulgaris. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments! I’ll be glad to hear them!


I am not the type of “sharing” person, especially when talking about the negative or painful things, lol, of course, we are in the battlefield every day, anyway, I had had Pemphigus Vulgaris which I rather call a condition, not an illness, since December 2011. I’m stable and doing really good now, of course, I take my meds and be aware of my body all the time  … I discovered, during my personal process, that I needed to heal my mind and my soul first, that I needed to forgive and let go before anything could heal in my physical body… One of the most important thing that I realized, I guess, was that the most difficult barrier of getting cured was the fear of actually getting cured! We are afraid of a lot of things: of getting sick again, of not being loved, of the pain, of failure, OMG lots of things!!! During my journey, I wrote my first book, and I actually published it: now you can buy it at amazon.com, in Spanish ebook version only (hopefully soon I will translate it to English. If you want more details, please feel free to contact) anyway, during the process of writing, but mostly when I launched it, you know published it, I realized how beautiful and powerful and healthy I am now! And I understood how many things I am capable of doing! For me, by myself! It’s incredible how self-esteem can almost disappear when you get an illness like this!!! You know that feeling of Independence that it’s been a while since you once had it because now you are stick to everyone else for help, for money, for everything?! OMG, I want my freedom back! Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, my friends, all my doctors! But now I know for sure, that I want and I will do something for me, something that I can do from my home, in my bed if I want to, or if I need to rest I can actually stop working and just meditate and get back on feet again, you know?

Well, I did it! I lost the fear and jump to this fascinated world of the digital marketing. And I started making money, again! I am starting to gain my freedom and I am enjoying every single step of this new path, and I definitely wanted to share this with you guys, you beautiful people! Because we are fighters, and we deserve to be happy, healthy, and we deserve to be free, and to have fun! Please visit my webpage www.lawofattraction.fun, I am brand new doing this stuff, It’s in the affiliate marketing, and I have been learning for the last 69 days so far so good! And do you know what? One of the most amazing things of doing this, is the people that I am getting to know, a community full of love and that accept me as I am, and that sees me for who I am, not my condition. I am so blessed! I needed to share this with you guys, please contact me for more information: www.lawofattraction.fun or my email adrieruiz@lawofattraction.fun
Life is amazing, and we deserve to have it all! Of course, we do!
God bless you all!

If you want to get in the Affiliate Marketing as I am, don’t hesitate, click on the link below, dare yourself to know exactly what I am talking about, open your mind, don’t let anything stop you from becoming the person that you always wanted! It doesn’t matter your conditions, your age if you have or not knowledge using the new technologies, just do it!

By clicking the link and subscribing, you will receive 7 free videos explaining all about The Affiliate Marketing, The Six Figure Mentors, and the amazing community that you can be part of.


It’s possible you might have doubts and skepticism. Lord knows I did. Is this real? Can I do this? Why isn’t everyone doing this? Is this too good to be true?
All good questions! For now, please just keep an open mind and don’t let any doubts hold you back.
Click the button, take the first step and see what’s possible…

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