Finding meaning in what you do

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Finding meaning in what you do

If you are anything like me, you are mindful in what you give your time and attention to. You take pride in giving it your all and you pay close attention to anything you associate yourself with. 

Your mind is programmed to look for meaning in whatever you do and filters out anything that doesn't provide value to you or the ones around you.

Importance of 'meaning' in life

Meaning is what motivates me, pushes me and inspires me to provide value and be of service on a level far greater than myself.

I have always listened to my inner voice for guidance. It has served me well. I remember the times when I did ignore or suppress that inner dialogue with myself, I felt miserable!

Remember, your inner voice tells you exactly what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.

My meaningful moments 

I have had moments in life, where I have gone with my gut because it just felt right in my deepest core. It might not have been the most optimal or most efficient way out but it always worked out for me in the end. I always came out feeling more satisfied, and more accomplished.

Be it deciding to persue another bachelors degree even when I have had a full on bachelors degree in a field that I didn't fully connect with. Or learning how to swim for the first time, few months after marriage😝. Or spending more than 3 hrs commuting to give my all to my career. And then making a 360 degrees turn, and leaving it all for my kids❤️😀.

Looking back, I feel quite happy with the way my life turned out to be. I am so glad i didn't put my life on autopilot and actually worked my way through the challenges to find more meaning in what ever i chose to do. And the amazing side effect of that is that I have become more confident, and fearless in the process of doing so.

Whenever I find myself questioning about something for too many days in a row, I know that it's time for a change!

Hope this article inspired you in finding meaning in what you do. If you liked this article, you would also love 'Keeping your why in mind'.

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To a life full of meaning:-)

Arsh Bajwa

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