Finding your Why for starting your own business

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By Paula Sgarbossa

This week I discovered a process which helps you find your deeper desires for why you truly want something in life and what you think you will receive once you have it.  It will keep you motivated and keep you energised even when all the usual distractions in your life occur. Whether it’s for finding your why for starting your own business, or for any other goal you want to achieve, it works. Does that sound like it would be useful? You bet!

What is the Process?

It’s very simple to do but also easy to stop before you’ve got to the juicy bits, so make sure you keep going to the 7 levels for finding your why.

1. Have a friend / or ask yourself – “Why is having this thing/person/object important to me?”

2. Once you have the answer, then ask, “Why is having this (add in last answer) important to me?”

3. Do this until you’ve delve down 7 times to the truly deeper responses

4. What have you discovered?

As I said, it sounds so simple. Yet if done properly, it really has a big impact on how you now view having that object/person/achievement in your life.

For me I wanted to find my deeper why for starting my own business. I knew it had something to wanting to be around for my kids yet the deeper reasons were definitely more motivating and inspiring. I can see now why some people will give up sleep, give up non essential activities and worker harder than most to achieve what they truly desire. Because they know their deeper why.

My deeper Why

One of my deep fears is something happening to my husband Michael. If he becomes very sick, or passes away or leaves me, I will be left to provide for 2 young children, 2 dogs and a large mortgage on my own. My earning capacity in the workforce isn’t very good. I would be left under a mountain of debt. I would have to move to a smaller rented house, put my kids into full time childcare and find a full time job, probably in a job I didn’t enjoy. It’s not impossible to do, but it certainly wouldn’t be a step forward in life.

I’ve always had a deeper yearning to have my own business. I found out there are a few reasons behind that. I want a business I enjoy doing and am proud of so that I have fulfillment, and a sense of achievement. I want my family and friends to see that I am an achiever as currently I feel I am not making the most of my life. I currently feel frustrated with my work life and feel like an underachiever. I would love to create a business where I am making an impact on the world and am helping others to achieve their dreams. This will give me a higher level of sense of pride, achievement and most importantly, self-worth. I want to be able to look back on my life one day and know the world was better for me being in it and that I added value.

The Result

After doing this process, I now have a new light inside me. A renewed energy. I have more motivation to take action and do the work I need to. I am now eager to learn. I want to turn off the TV, put aside distractions and get on with the process. I’m not letting fear stop me from taking action. I have a greater desire to achieve my goals of setting up and running my own business from home so I can have the amazing life I want.

Does this sound like a process that can help you? Do you want more motivation and energy to do the things you need to do? Then please click on the links below to find out more.

Wishing you great success and happiness.

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