Go Nuts

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Our walnut tree has gone nuts
We have picked buckets and buckets of walnuts from our beautiful walnut tree this year. The warm and sunny summer has probably helped the development, growth and production of these delicious nuts, ready for us to harvest now in October.

Old but healthier than ever
Our house was built in 1947 and an old photo from that time shows that the walnut tree was there already then. More than 70 years later it seems healthier than ever. Amazing. The tree is probably 15 meters in height and nearly the same in width. It is a majestic feature in our garden and we love it. The tree has served many purposes and given a lot of joy during the years. When my boys were uounger they were climbing and swinging in it all the time.

How does a walnut grow?
A walnut is the seed of a stone fruit. The walnut shell grows inside of a green husk and the fuits on the tree looks beautiful, double the size of the walnut itself. When the green husk drops from the tree, it is pretty easy to peel off, to get to the walnut.

Walnut ink
If the green husk (with the walnut inside) has been laying on the ground for a while it becomes dark brown and later on rotten away. If you pick the nuts with this brown husk on them, it is important to wear gloves. Ink can be made of the walnut husk and this brown husk stains your fingers and can be really hard to get rid of. I know, from own experience! It is said that great artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt used walnut ink when painting.

Healthy nuts
Go nuts, but with moderation. The nutritional benefits of walnuts are great. The combination of fibers and their Omega 3 fatty acid content, together with a variety of vitamins, minerals and proteins, gives a lot of positive effects on our health and our immune defense ability to protect us from diseases. Even though the fat of the nuts is of the beneficial variety, the positive effects of eating them, as with everything else, should be done with a moderate intake.

Our squirrel helps nature
Our energetic squirrel living in our garden, eats and hide nuts for the winter. What he hides and have no time or possibility to eat becomes new walnut trees. These plants are popping up all around and we are happy to watch the squirrel running around, as well as experience the fresh plants growing.

Humble and grateful
I feel so humble and grateful to all that nature gives us. What an honor to go out into our own garden and pick nuts from the ground. This year it has completely rained nuts on us. We have given away nuts to family and friends and we have for our own use a long time ahead.

It feels great to get something, take care of it and then give some of it away to get even more joy and gratitude back, and it costs nothing. There is so much to appreciate and so many good reasons to feel gratitude. It is just a very small thing, but I want you to know that I am nuts about it!
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