Good bye Sweet Niece.

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You'll always be in our hearts.

March of 2018 Barb Bulger (Steinlin) had a large build up of fluid in her abdomen that became very uncomfortable & painful.

After seeing a doctor, the fluids were drained from her petite body, a few times. The pain continued. The doctor proceeded to explore the options of cancer. Barbara's Mom, my only sister Frances, lived for 28 years with cancer.

On the diagnosis of cancer, we were upset. We had great faith that Barb could fight this off.

Barb has been a healthy strong petite girl, with the cutest smile, during her life.

When the Doctor said stage three cancer of the ovary we had difficulty believing this.

The recommended treatment was chemotherapy. The success rate for the treatment was very high.

Barb, Brian, & Lucas on one trip, traveled to Hamilton from Guelph for all the recommended treatments with great expectations.

When it was announced that the treatments hadn't worked, we were all very sad. Then worse news came that the cancer was now stage 4.  All that pain, suffering & traveling had resulted in the disease being worse than when they started. The chemotherapy had killed the immune system which is a common occurrence.

Many people may have given up at this point. The Doctor in Canada said there was nothing more she could do for Barb.

Friends of friends had gone to Germany for similar cancer. Their results were outstanding so the process began for planning treatments in Germany.

A fundraiser was started to raise funds for Barb & Brian to go to Germany & have the treatments paid for. The worry of money was eliminated as the generosity was phenomenal. They reached their financial goals of $200,000 that covered all costs in Germany.

Many doctors appointments & paperwork was necessary before the plan was put into action.

With renewed hope, the couple flew off to Germany for approximately a one week stay for the treatment.

On returning home they were totally exhausted from the treatment & the jet lag. The jet lag is an adjustment for healthy folks let alone a sick patient that has just had chemotherapy.

After returning back to Canda 3 out of 4 times from Germany, Barb needed to be hospitalized. She became dehydrated very easily as she ate & drank very little. She was losing weight rapidly and becoming noticeably weaker every day.

It was so sad to watch this occur. Barbara kept going as much as she could. She still did the stairs in the house, up until her last time being admitted to the hospital.

When she dressed up she looked like a gorgeous model.

Barb's last trip to the hospital was very difficult for the family, who stayed by her side. She had an allergic reaction to the pain medication & was delirious. We hoped once that medication wore off she would get better. That was not to be.

Barb was released from the Hospital. All hospice equipment was put into place in her home in the dining room. She was so weak her wee voice could barely be understood.

On November 11, 2018. Barbara went to be with her creator. The Lord giveth & the Lord taketh away.

Barbara's journey here on earth was one of serving. We are so proud of you. R.I.P. my LOVE. Auntie Pat and Uncle Dave. XO.