Have you heard the expression, don't cry over spilt milk?

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Have you heard the expression, don't cry over spilt milk?

Have you heard the expression, don't cry over spilt milk? 

Well, the definition of this expression is to not be unhappy about something that is completely out of your hands or that has already happened. This can mean so many things to all different people in all aspects of your life.

This blog is about literally spilling milk, or should I say exploding milk!

Today on a routine trip to our local Tesco's, we carried out our shopping for just a few items, well more like 9 items, one of these items was four pints of milk.

Tesco's scan as you shop

We use Tesco's scan as you shop, it's great if your budgeting, so you can see what your spending, you don't have to queue for ages, and the kids love it too. "One of my nephew's love's to sit in the trolly and scan the shopping for his Mum, he loves to weigh the fruit and vegetables too".

RAC Breakdown

So after finishing, our shopping, we head outside, we walk past the RAC stand and in the direction towards the car, My partner then stops! He is reading the promotional sign from the RAC. so I turn to him and say, "we are both already with the RAC" he then replies "only for the cars" I said " that's all they cover though, isn't it?, "NO" according to this sign we can cover our American RV, "that's a great idea! I said, then a voice from behind us said, "would you like to know more?" my partner turned and said, "NO" the RAC guy, then said, "I can explain more about it to you" so we head over to the gentleman, who was very helpful, informative and very happy. He looked at my partner and said, " are you a NO man, negative, just kidding" I looked at them both and just laughed.

It turns out that we can get breakdown cover for our American RV, he has explained everything, and we can get a better price, on what we are paying now.

So we are really pleased that we stopped and spoke to the happy gentleman.

So getting back to spilt milk

Continuing, the story about the exploding milk!

We head back towards the car, balancing the shopping in our hands, my partner unlocks the door, I go to get in the front of the car with the shopping when my partner says to put the shopping in the back seat of the car, which I did, I then go to close the door, the four pints of milk, flies off the backseat, hits the footwell, falls out of the car and hits the floor, then through the tiniest gap possible, the milk has covered the red car next door to us and the passenger door on our car, we are both in hysterics, laughing our heads off, meanwhile the lady parking her car behind us, did not look too amused. 

Don't worry, I did not leave the milk all over the red car, I cleaned it off. The back seat window was a little bit smeary though.

It was funny at the time!

The moral of this story is don't cry over spilt milk, you can't change the past, but you have a choice about changing your future!

I would like to say thank you, for taking the time, to read my blog,

I hope it made you laugh!

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Have a Superfantastic Day!

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