How to prepare for Retirement with an Home based Business

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When you are starting out with your online business, you may still be In full time employment.  This would include myself.  I am looking to retire in 18 months and I do not believe my pension will replace my salary and so I realised that to retire when I want to, I needed to find something to supplement my pension initially and then to enable me to enjoy my retirement without worrying about the bills.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those people who hate their job and cannot wait to get out.  I have been a health care professional since 1988 and have progressed through different specialities but I would like to retire at an age when I can still enjoy my retirement and spend more time with family, friends and even get to do some travelling.  So when my manager said that I would be able to retire at 60 years of age instead of 65/67 depending on any further changes to the retirement age, it got me thinking.

I work 9-5 and have travel time of 1-1.30 hours each working day and work alternate weekends.  It was for this reason I chose a home based business.

I started my online business last year and enrolled with a coaching company to ensure that I learnt everything I needed to start a home based online business, but also that I had excellent support whilst learning. It was like watching a professional and following their lead.  I had a 'Business Blueprint' to follow and indepth training for each step.  This ensured I did not waste time or money by only learning or buying what I needed.  There is also the upside that I am earning while I am learning.  I feel so much more secure in my future. 

A lot of people are interested in starting their own business but do not know where to start with their marketing.  They have a passion about their product but just do not know the importance of marketing.

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