Revolutionising The Way We Care

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In 1998, I was interviewed for a Management position within the Care Sector.  In the interview I was asked, if I could assist in the successful transformation of a Voluntary Training and Assessment Charity, in the North West of England, bridging the gap into the Millenium.  A long held dream come true.  My journey had started as a Volunteer, Care Assistant, Peripatetic Officer, Social Worker, Lecturer and now Management.  As you could imagine, I was excited to have successfully gained another goal of becoming a Manager - strategically placed to empower change within organisations through education and training.

A local journalist previously interviewed me about baby changing facilities for parents with children under the age of 2, were being researched.  She followed me around the local town, whilst we tested out parent friendly changing places and rated them out of 10.  I don't know who was more stressed, me, her or my two year old son. My daughter enjoyed her time, gurgling, smiling and sleeping as I negotiated her pram around the stores for the day.

So, when I got the position of Manager, at the charity, I called the journalist, with a 'modern day juggling' success story.  I was juggling so much being a Wife, Mother, Educator, Counsellor and now Manager.  Against the odds, the triumph, I had reached a major milestone at the age of 30, which needed to be celebrated. A kind of celebration in honour of all those women who are juggling so much in life.  I felt it was a community celebration.  Looking back, my thoughts have changed, which is one of the reasons for me being here! 

On with the story. The interview went well and the journalist left the office which we had recently relocated too; five part-time staff, volunteers and myself. The morning after the interiew, I awoke from a strong dream, with a very powerful message, which continues to drive me today.  

Arriving at the office, I rang the journalist.  The article had not gone to print yet, which I was delighted about.  The journalist had asked the question, during the interview, "why are you here?" I answered her as a Manager of an organisation, in terms of wanting to expand the charity's partnership and to utilize the networking amongst them bridging the gap in learning.  Yet, with the clarity the dream brought forth, a personal mission: 'I Am Here To Nurture Seedlings'.

Twenty years on, has I approach 2018 - I Am Here To Nurture Seedlings To Reach Their Full Potential.

How? By leveraging the skills, expertise and knowledge of a community in the shortest time frame possible.

As I say 'Goodbye' to 2017 - the year I transformed my health from being labelled 'Diabetic', after volunteering at a Meditation Retreat! I have finally learnt, the only Nurturing I can do, is through myself. By nurturing me to reach my fullest potential, I become the authority. I have been an authority on empowering others for many years, however, in doing that, which I love, I had reached the place of complete imbalance.  Why? I was doing it alone.

So, my Resolution for 2018 is to stand up for the Revolution of how I care - nurturing partnerships and collaboration to Revolutionising The Way We Care.

Being Alone On This Journey, Is No Longer An Option, Necessary or As Effective :)

If my words resonate with you, join me.

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