Hugs Are The Bandage Of The Soul - Hug Your Child Often

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Hugs are not just for when you are telling your child goodbye or if they have fallen and are crying. Hugs need to be used as much as possible and the more you hug your child the better.

Whenever you hug someone you release oxytocin in their body. This will not only improve their health and mood but helps to reduce the overall stress in the body.

Though as adults we do not think about stress in our children, they actually have a lot of stress in their little minds. Should your child have any kind of disorders such as anxiety the likelihood of stress increases. So hug your child! 

Father and daughter are hugging each other
Hugs Are The Bandage of The Soul

Hugging your child benefits cognitive and emotional development. Such as when a newborn uses skin to skin to regulate body temperature, heart rate, and even blood sugars; hugging can have similar effects.

Teaching children to express their feelings and to share their love can also be taught through hugging. In a society that struggles with emotions and expressions, this is important. Affection is not a weakness, but a strength to build a stronger little person.

Children need love and to feel affection. Sharing a hug gives them this. Besides teaching them to express feelings it builds a bond within the family. It gives the child the skills to feel empathy. Hugs are important and children need to be hugged often. 

Regular hugs will help a child to feel safe and secure. Besides reducing stress and teaching empathy, hugs are able to help a child to learn to feel safe. As a parent you want your child to feel safe and cherished.

You want to teach your child that they may always come to you as a safe haven. Even after a form of discipline always hug your child so that they can know that you still love them, even in the aftermath of punishment. 

While hugging a child will not fix everything, it comes close. When a child is upset and can’t communicate what they are feeling a hug can make all the difference.

So hug your child often!

Hugs Are The Bandage Of The Soul - Hug Your Child Often

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