Hustle your way through life!

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Hustle your way through life

Hustle your way through life, Life goes on, Don't stop keep going, Clean before/after each cycle'. Live your life more of the time.

Does life happen to you or you happen to life? Do you find yourself living in a loop? Is your life on repeat mode? Work, home, family, repeat! You are busy being busy. You try harder each time and burn yourself out in the process. And then one fine day, you are just ready to give up and stop trying! 

But Life does not stop.

Life goes on

Clock runs every minute, every second of the day, just as it did the day before. Stars in sky show up same way every night. They might show up differently every night but they do show up. Air keeps flowing like it always did. Weather keeps running its course.

Then how come we, as human beings, superior species of all, who have been granted the power to alter their destiny, give up easily.

Why can't we see past our current situations and see the bigger picture?

Do we really have a vision for our life or we are just cruising away somehow hoping to reach at our destination.

Don't stop keep going 

When life does not stop, why do we?

What does our inner dialogue, our GPS, says about us? Are we in sync? Is something blocking our way? If we feel stuck, are we aware of our options? May be it's time to try out a different route?

Ever pay attention when putting your clothes in the dryer? The filter says 'Clean before/after each cycle'. That's how life is. Don't carry the baggage from yesterday and let it block your mind. Keep cleansing your thoughts to live a truly meaningful life.

If today didn't go as planned, remember tomorrow is a new day new opportunity to create something better. Begin with this new thinking, new mindset. We cannot look for solution with the same mindset that created the problem. Change your lense, it actually might not be as bad as you think it might be. You might be surprised at new things you are able to see with your changed perspective.

That's how I ended up choosing a different route. Route that serves me better.

Turning from a full on career woman to stay at home mom. It sure was different and not something I ever thought myself doing but it's working like a charm in my life right this very moment. It made me look at and appreciate my life a lot more.

I have found new things about myself that I wasn't aware off. My new environment has exposed me to a whole new world of writing that I always enjoyed but never thought on doing on the level I'm doing now. It's so fulfilling. And the fact that it's all unfiltered, real, and nothing but true makes it so much more meaningful than any other time bound job that I had been a part of.

It's a feeling that's worth keeping forever.

So live your life more of the time. Trust in yourself and your abilities more and just hustle your way through life. 

Arsh Bajwa

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