Laundry Tip for Mom's


Everything you need in one stack

Just a short post to pass along a laundry tip that was shared with me many years ago that I still do today.... As I was folding laundry this evening I realized that I was still using a tip I learned many years ago when it comes to folding towels and sheets.  

The idea is to keep the linen closet organized and not waste time looking for matching sheets and pillow cases, and the same with towels. When folding the sheets, put the folded bottom sheet & pillow cases inside the top sheet before putting one nicely folded sheet set away.  

When you need clean sheets you only need to reach for one set and you have everything ready to go. The same applies to towels too; place the folded hand towel and wash cloth inside the bath towel and instantly you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.

No more searching for individual pieces and your linen closet will stay neat and nicely organized. It's an easy grab and go for the kids too when they are making their own beds or putting fresh towels in the bathroom.  

Happy laundry....

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