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Hope you´re fine! In Sweden, I get reports of the worst snow weather in hundred years this early! I love snow but I know by experience how hard it can be when it´s impossible to get to work, no buses are running and you are unwillingly stuck at home or waiting for a bus which won´t come. I guess I would have treasured the fact that I can run my business from anywhere, a little extra if I had been in Sweden now. I also know how beautiful the snow can bee when everything is working. I guess it will take a little longer time now though because of the amount of snow. Here´s my car in Sweden right now and the garden.



Remember the photo I showed you one week ago, the same day as we moved from Sweden to Gran Canaria, Spain? Well, this is how it looks now. :-(


It feels rather strange to look at my garden here in my house in Gran Canaria. What a difference! Both worlds have their beauty! One thing I do know is what my 3 cats prefer! They are indoor cats in Sweden and they love the warm weather a little extra because of their special fur. Here in Gran Canaria they also can be free in our little garden since we have a fence around.

Well, now it´s time for me to pick up my 3 kids from school. :-)

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