My WHY my story

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My WHY my story

I have written few articles on 'why' in the past few days. And I am still on it😀.Hope you are finding them valuable and they are inspiring you to fulfil your why:-)

I am working on a series called 'My WHY my story' that i will be sharing with you over the next few days to get to know each other a little better.

Today I want to get a little personal and share my 'Why' with you and how I am fulfilling it. 'Why' that makes me want to jump out of my bed every morning. 'Why' that stays at the back of my mind while I do mundane activities of daily life. And 'Why' that gives me strength and direction when I feel stuck and have no clue on what to do next. 

My Why

  • My Kids, and my family.
    • I have always been a family person. I love to nurture relationships that instill life. We had our daughter five years after we got married. I never felt so right in my bones before (filled with gratitude this very moment). Less than three years later, god blessed us with a son❤️. They are my biggest Why.
  • To do good and be of service on a level much bigger than myself.
    • I love to feel useful and be able to provide value. I love to be of service. Lately, I have been looking for ways to make giving a part of my daily life.
  • To inspire lives and nurture people's vulnerabilities and bring them closer to their whys.

From finding my Why to fulfilling it

To fulfill my why, I wanted to get in tune with myself first. I wanted to know myself on a deeper level.

There is so much to life that I want to learn about. I want to give hope. I want to guide people through their challenges. I get major satisfaction out of it. So I decided to dedicate 2016 to myself, my personal development.

The next article in 'My WHY my story' series will take you to my journey of fulfilling my Why and how I can help you along the way as well. Stay tuned!

Feel free to share with your family and friends:-). Until next time, stay inspired and keep going in the direction of your why!

Arsh Bajwa

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