Part 3 - *Attention Skeptics* (Like me!) Home based internet biz is legit. Here's why.

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The Inception of Digital Family Economy

In the last two posts I talked a lot about my journey from being highly skeptical of making any kind of living on the internet to a little less skeptical after starting my own online book store through Amazon FBA.  From there that skepticism dwindled even further as I spent a significant amount of time researching the MANY different options available today. Finally to wrap up this short series, I'm going to talk about how I came to actually start the Digital Family Economy project and what digital economy educational platform I decided to go with to mentor me on that journey.

Why this and why now?

First of all, I've had the idea in my head that I wanted to create a family business legacy that I could pass on to my young children since the day they were born. For me, Digital Family Economy is merely a vehicle to ultimately get me where I want to be.  Where do I want to be? First and foremost, free to be able to decide what that is without the restrictions of day to day responsibility.

Am I saying that I don't want to be responsible? Absolutely not! The truth is I'm not free to do much of anything because I spend every waking moment grinding it out just to ALMOST stay a float financially. Honestly in a lot of ways I resent how my life has turned out. I resent how powerless I feel to change my circumstance. I resent all the trouble I got in, all the drugs I did and what was seemingly a waste of so much time. What I came to realize on this journey was worth more than any amount of success or freedom I could attain through financial independence.

What I came to fully realize and, more than that, came to fully embrace at the core of my being was that I had the power to change my circumstances just by educating myself.

It was a bigger deal to me than the myriad of similar sounding platitudes I'd read in the past because it was, and still very much is, my reality. It's hard to fully express in words but coming from a guy with a life long, debilitating inferiority complex this kind of realization is astronomical. And at the same time empowering on a uniquely cellular level. This change in mindset changed my life long before I'll ever see any actual results.


Why the urgency to do this now? Two reasons:

  1. First of all, why not now! I can create "legitimate reasons" to delay getting uncomfortable and learning something new until the cows come home. I have 3 year old twin boys, work full time, have a marriage that I make top priority and already have a side business. I have "legitimate reasons" for DAYS.
  2. Second, I figure at some point I'm going to have to learn e-commerce anyway. I don't want to wake up one day 10 years down the road and realize I'm irrelevant in our world's economy because I didn't read the signs and act accordingly.

Stuart Ross and SFM

This where Stuart Ross comes in to the picture. Funny thing is, I'd seen one of his videos on YouTube a long time ago - I think even before I began doing my book business and I remember thinking to myself, "Scam!"

But after ALL the research I did and time I invested in educating myself on what's out there, when I finally listened to what he had to say, it was truly quite refreshing. He was honest about the reality of affiliate marketing. He was transparent about the amount of work involved and there were no promises of any type of success - even if you put in the work! I personally don't believe if I put the amount of effort, passion and drive I possess into this business that I won't be successful. The point was that out of all the different internet money making options I researched, this was the first one that I personally resonated with the most. I related to this guy and decided to lay aside my previous anxiety, doubt and hesitation and actually trust that what someone was saying was done so from a genuine heart of wanting to help others achieve what they'd achieved.

It's been a little over a month since I signed up. In all honesty, what makes SFM (it stands for Six Figure Mentors) so valuable is the community that you become a part of and welcomed in to. I'm encouraged every time I take another step forward towards my goal by a group of like minded people who are just like me in so many ways. I'm doing this for other young families out there who feel just like I did and if I'm not careful still do at times. Helpless and hopeless in world that's changing incredibly fast.

Wrap it up, sir!

So the point of all this is that I'm not a guru when it comes to this stuff. I'm just a regular guy with a wife and two kids struggling to make ends meet who wants to change his circumstances. If at the end of the day all I've done is get you to at least think about your own circumstances and how there's potential for you to change them if you want to, that's a win in my book.

If you want to know more about the Digital Marketing Education platform I'm using, check out the link below for a free trial to see if it's something that'll help you the way it helped me:

I hope you enjoyed this short blog series looking into my journey with Digital Family Economy. My plan is to continually provide a transparent look into my life through quality content that helps people sift through all the nonsense on the internet about all this stuff.