Pillar of Success-Purpose


There is a purpose for everything on this earth. Nothing is here just because it looks pretty. Everything has a reason for being here.

What Is Your Purpose?

Pillars of Success-Purpose 


Ever look down the road of your life and look at what might be there? What is it you see? Do you like what you see? If you do, keep doing what you're doing. If you don't like it, what are you going to do to change it?  

Let's take life in general. Work. We all go to work. Why? Do you like going to work? If not, why go there? Your answer may be; To pay bills. So, paying bills is what makes you happy. No? You mean I'm wrong? You are not happy paying bills? Honestly, we weren't put on this earth to pay bills. "Well ... I can't find another job," you might say. Not finding another job makes you happy. Is that it? Perhaps I'm looking at this all wrong. Let's look at it from this point of view; you are in your 80s, you are thinking back to your teens and 20s. Remembering those dreams of you conquering the world. We were all there. What were your dreams back then? We all had our super hero dreams of doing good in this world. Now we are in our 80s looking back and thinking; what the hell happened? Why didn't I become the ______________ I wanted to be? (You fill in the blank.)

What Happened to Purpose?

You had a purpose in your 20s. When did they fade? More importantly, why did they fade into oblivion? Pillars of Success-Purpose 


Here's how I remember my fading; I got a job working for a major bar-b-que sauce, ice cream topping, jelly/jam/preserve producing company. There were a few men working there for decades working on their retirement pay. The most negative talking producing bunch of brain-dead losers I have met to date at that time of my life. Back that up with the dozens of government workers that are going nowhere with their lives telling me that the effort just isn't worth it. Relax and ride the ride as far as it will take you. The retirement check is on its way. And for a while, I lost my dream of making it big. Then I got around a different group of people. But that is a blog for a later date.

What To Do Now

If you're sitting there with your life in shambles or you just want to go farther in your life, ask yourself what your purpose is. Find a destination in life. It is your why in life. Why you get up in the morning. Why you do anything in your day. Is that thing that is always in your mind every second of the day. It is the one thing why you breath. It is that reason bigger than you that pushes you to do more to attain the things you want in life. Your purpose is so big it should keep you up at night wondering why you aren't working your why! Like I said, we are not here to pay bills, sit and watch TV, get drunk or stoned, waste time in any fashion. We were put here to create something bigger with our lives so we can be bigger. If we create anything great, the world becomes greater. If you improve someone else's life, the world becomes even greater.

Here's An Idea

Create something that improves the lives of others. That would be the greatest purpose of all. Getting involved with strangers for the purpose of improving their lives, that is the reason we are here. To help our fellow human beings. How would you feel about you if you helped a family out of poverty? Ever give a person a buck because they were holding a cardboard sign looking for money while standing on the corner? How did you feel then? Imagine how you'd feel if you helped a family to never have to worry about meeting bills again. What an awesome feeling! Pillars of Success-Purpose (


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