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Rewarding ourselves seems like a selfish thing to do and yet it can be so therapeutic and healthy to reward yourself for decisions you make in life.

What’s your reward for staying in a bad situation or for moving into a better life or for breaking a habit?  Sometimes we do get a reward for staying in a bad situation, albeit money; security; familiarity, which is understandable, especially if we are not ready to make the move into the next chapter of our lives.  If we choose to leave a bad situation, then often we see the reward as being free; safe; independent, again that is understandable.  If we are breaking free from an addiction, the reward can be improved health; freedom; security. 

All these situations deserve to be rewarded and not just by the action we choose to take but in a special way.  Decisions about our future can be challenging and monumental and they deserve to be recognized for being just that. 

Find something that is important to you that you can hold onto each day as a reward for the action you are taking.  It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive, just something to remember.

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