The 90th Surprise

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I start my opening line expressing my gratification to my dearest mother and her mother who had brought her into this world.  Without you both, I would never have existed in this physical world.

I had planned for this day about a month now, my sister, brothers, cousin and all friends and family were there. Music was playing, my brothers, sister and her grandchildren, they were singing happy birthday to her.  She entered the Hall and looked around kind of puzzle, she went hugging everyone, she still did not aware, her loving children and grandsons travelling far from overseas and interstate just to be with her on this special day.  The expression on her face for a moment, she feels, oh well, yes this is a party and still, see her facial expression, if she was happy, resigned or just yes, so what kind of what next.  Until she glimpses on her eyes with curiosity, and take a second looked and looked again, she was looking so strangely with her quick action and ran toward her beloved son, who travelled from Indonesia for this special occasion.  I was so mesmerising looking at them, I had the privilege able to take a short video on this day and I wish I had more and it was the perfect pictures moment that no one can take these memories away from me.

This magical experienced I would not be able to create without the Mentoring and Education within the online world.  Sharing this exciting story was never in my radar.  I was able to be with the whole situation and empowered to create the party.  The intention of the party was beyond my ability and capacity to make it happen.  My daughter, Angela said, you pull this out mum, you completed your Self Expression Project and when she said this, I thought to myself for a moment, it is so correct.  In the past, I would do everything myself without asking anyone and anybody to help.  I am so controlling, everything has to be turned out a certain way.  This time I was just relaxed and so proud and most people I invited they were all there. I did not have to do much, my daughters help decorate the space, my friend helps the cooking, my husband do the shopping for alcohol.  I was just making sure everything just run smoothly and I say this mission is accomplished.  It took several weeks to recover from the experienced and felt like I was on my dreamland and I wanted this energy being forever and never ends.  The party was a totally massive breakthrough and for everyone to experience the connections and some people never see each other and they have the opportunity to reconnect.

My dedication to all my cousin, my sister Petrisia, Brothers Yan and Albert, my nephew Petrus Lay and family and others that have been there for me and my mum, thank you.

My gratitude to the online education, Sixt Figure Mentors gave me the excess being powerful and contented in the space of anything is possible, here it is.

Until next time, much love and always

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